Golden Eagle being treated for poisoning from lead in ammunition

March 14th, 2013 · by Garrison Frost

Lead from ammunition has made this one sick Golden Eagle. As Veterinarian Vicki Joseph of the Bird and Pet Clinic in Roseville explains, this female bird was lucky to live, and has a lot of treatment ahead of it. Joseph has treated a number of raptors for lead poisoning and is fairly sure that this Golden Eagle was exposed when it ate meat containing fragments of lead ammunition.

This video was taken on March 8 by Jennifer Fearing of the Humane Society of the United States.

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  • 2old4this

    We have ample and documented evidence that lead slugs and particles from slugs poison the flesh of dead animals. We also know that various birds feed on this flesh and become poisoned.

    Is it possible to estimate which among the many shell sizes contributes to the greatest number of kills, i.e., 22, 22 long, and so forth. If one or two slug sizes can be determined as the one most used in the shooting of small prey and thus causing the most injury to our eagles, condors, and even vultures, then we can focus on one slug size for slug change instead of all sizes for all guns.

    Next, what can replace the lead in the slugs? Lead is cheap and easily used by factories and shooters alike. Perhaps you shooters know of something already replacing lead in some rounds.

  • Larry Jordan

    Golden Eagles are not the only bird of prey that suffers these terrible conditions because of lead ammunition, the endangered California Condor is another victim. A study conducted last year authored by the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research concluded that two thirds of Condor fatalities were caused by lead poisoning. This is a bird that we spend at least a million dollars a year to recover from near extinction, yet they are being killed by lead ingestion. How absurd is that?

  • Christina

    Thank you for all you are dong! You are truly heros! I pray she and others survive. I would love to be involved and help out in some way.

  • Patti Gallo

    You are amazing people, I hope she survives !

  • Saoirse Folsom

    This is amazing work, I thank you for doing this. It is sad to think that exposures like this will continue until we can ban lead in ammunition. I support the legislation whole-heartedly after having seen this video. It is our responsibility as Californians to protect these majestic birds of prey.