Ask Gov. Brown to sign Assembly Bill 711

September 11th, 2013 · by Garrison Frost

Now that the California Legislature has sent Assembly Bill 711 to the Governor, it’s important that we get as many people as possible to write him encouraging him to sign this important legislation to protect birds and people from the harmful effects of toxic lead. Send him an email right now. It just takes a few seconds, and it will make a tremendous difference.

Leaving a comment on this post is great, but the Governor will only get it if you send an email.

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  • Rose Marie Menard

    Dear Governor Brown,
    Please sign assembly bill 711 protecting birds from lead poisoning,

  • Aleta Wallach

    Gov. Brown:
    Please sign Assembly Bill 711

  • Diane Rooney

    Dear Governor Brown, another appeal from a lifelong nature lover to urge you to sign AB711 and protect endangered species and other birds and animals from lead poisoning. Thank you.

  • Sharron Thomas

    Please sign Assembly Bill 711 protecting birds and people from the harmful effects of toxic lead ammunition in our environment.

    There are no compelling reasons for the use of lead ammunition in hunting. There are, however, plenty of legitimate and urgent reasons for banning its use.

    Iconic birds such as the endangered California Condor, Bald Eagle, and Golden Eagle are all threatened by this source of lead, as are scavenging animals who happen upon the unrecovered bodies of birds or animals shot with lead ammunition.

    Thank you.