Am I the only one seeing this?

October 16th, 2013 · by Garrison Frost

Check out this cool video of Vaux’s Swifts over downtown Los Angeles narrated by Audubon’s Jeff Chapman:

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  • Bonnie

    At a retreat by the name of Villa Maria in the small town of Frontenac, MN. every night hundreds of chimney swifts fly into the chimney of the old main building. We pull up our lawn chairs and though many of us have seen this aerial display many times over, we still are mezmerized.

  • Robert Dalva

    We saw them in Marin County.

  • Robert Dalva

    It is not clear to me. Are the birds descending into the chimney? Have you seen them come out? That must be more amazing. We saw a similar occurrence a few evenings ago near sunset. We could not identify the birds but felt they were some kind of swift. We have video but from a distance. Is there somewhere you could see the birds go into the chimney better? Something higher up?