Birds vs. drone — the birds win

December 28th, 2013 · by Garrison Frost

Apparently, the birds don’t appreciate all these new-fangled drones we’re putting up in their space. Check out this video of birds taking one down. (We have no idea where this was shot — and we’d appreciate any insight into the type of birds in the video.)

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  • GC

    But the bill shape doesn’t look right for a skua which makes it look more like a shore bird.

  • GC

    In terms of shape, coloration and flying behavior has the look of a skua (jaeger), they certainly would not be shy about getting up to challenge a drone.

  • Christina

    I saw that the videographer had other Youtube videos and that one of them referred to his home on New Zealand–the mountains and blue waters in this video would certainly support that…if that’s any help in zeroing in on the bird species!