New York State set to kill 170,000 Canada Geese. Could it happen here?

July 23rd, 2010 · by Garrison Frost

Earlier this month, bird enthusiasts all around the country were stunned to hear that officials had captured and gassed to death 400 Canada Geese in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. Well, it turns out, killing 400 birds was just the beginning. New reports indicate that the state plans to euthanize as many as 170,000 of the geese. This all stems from the U.S. Airways crash last year which occurred when the plane struck a flock of the geese. Which is why this is worth watching for us here in California. After that accident, the California Legislature passed a new law making it easier for aiport officials to order the killing of birds near runways.

Categories: Bird conservation · Bird Habitat · Federal Policy · State Policy

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