Audubon California and chapters meet to talk about nature education

August 17th, 2010 · by Garrison Frost

Audubon California and local chapters in California have long felt that nature education is conservation. What this means is that if we want to protect the state’s magnificent natural treasures into the future, we need to ensure that the next generation of Californians appreciates the great outdoors as much as we do. In an effort to improve all of our programs, representatives of Audubon California and northern California chapters gathered last Saturday at the Richardson Bay Audubon Center & Sanctuary for a Chapter Education Summit. The goals were to talk about our mutual goals, share programmatic ideas, and learn about each other’s curricula. But most of all, this was just a forum to find ways to share ideas and help each other succeed.

Participating chapters included representatives from Plumas Audubon, Yolo Audubon, Sacramento Audubon, Sierra Foothills Audubon, Central Sierra Audubon, Santa Clara Valley Audubon, Peregrine Audubon, Sequoia, Mendocino Audubon, Napa/Solano Audubon, and Golden Gate Audubon.

Peregrine Audubon kicked off the summit with a presentation of their multiple-visit bird focused education program, Flight School. This program includes a classroom visits and then a field trip where kids really become scientists. This is a great program and incorporates all the components Audubon strives for in an environmental education program.

Another summit will be held week after next with southern California chapters at the Audubon Center at Debs Park.

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  • gayle gura

    I noticed that nobody from my local Audubon Chapter attended the forementioned planning session. Although I am a member of Audubon Society, I have not participated in our local chapter, Redbud Chapter.

    I live in Lake County, California. I have a MA in Environmental Education, have been teaching public school for 18 years, following 5 years “teaching” environmental education and deveoping programs. I have lost a lot of my original passion and motivation for teaching, however my practice of environmental education teaching remains in my everyday activities.

    I am taking a temporary leave of absence this school year, due to a back issue I am healing. I would like to participate in Audubon’s environmental education programs.

    Please reply with the method of which I can volunteer online and within my Northern California locale.

    Thank you for all you do. Thank you for responding to me.

    Gayle Gura