Upcoming Audubon California Assembly to feature seabird expert Peter Harrison as keynote

November 24th, 2010 · by Garrison Frost

Those who attendĀ the Audubon California Assembly next year are going to be in for a big treat when they get to see seabird expert Peter Harrison in person. Harrison is probably the world’s most respected expert on the subject, and he is a fascinating, dynamic speaker. In the clip below, he visits the program “Travels to the Edge” to talk about the amazing Wandering Albatross:

The Audubon California Assembly is being held in conjunction with the San Diego Birding Festival. Register for the 2011 Audubon California Assembly today.

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  • margriet

    very beautiful!

  • Joyce Kidd

    Fascinating! I never knew all this about the albatross. I saw them when I went to the Galapagos but didn’t learn these amazing facts about them. Thank you for sharing this wonderful video.