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December 20th, 2010 · by Garrison Frost

Lots of interesting sightings this morning. And a suprisingly large number of responses given the fact that this is a holiday week. About 100 people sent their responses, letting us now about more than 50 different species. Once again, crows led the way, but then a whole bunch of interesting stuff right behind that. Lots of Lesser Goldfinch, for instance. as well as Mourning Doves, Cooper’s Hawks, Black Phoebe, woodpeckers, etc. And some great reports from outside California, as well. All in all, a really cool list. The whole list is below, thanks for participating. (Black Phoebe photo by Peter LaTourrette)

Bird; Where; Notes
Acorn Woodpecker; Cabernet Way, Placerville, CA;  
Acorn Woodpecker; Placerville ;
Acorn Woodpecker; Audubon Starr Ranch;
African Grey
American crow; San Francisco – on a telephone pole; There were two, grooming themselves.
crow; neighbor’s backyard; loud bird, but beautiful!
crow; friendswood, tx; making his/her daily rounds
crow; Pacific Grove; Please do this again.
Crow; in my neighbor’s backyard.;
crow outside the office.
crows; flying, treetops; They are the main bird I see here.
Crows; Calabasas;
American Robin; Lone Pine;
Anna’s Hummingbird; Lincoln ;
Audubon’s Warbler
Bewick wren; Santa Rosa Valley ;
Black Phoebe; Frontyard fence;  
Black Phoebe; San Diego, CA;  
Black Phoebe; above my backyard deck, Chico;  
black phoebe
bufflehead – Richmond
Calif Quail; Aptos, CA; One of t25 resident quail in my yard
California Gull; San Jose, CA. Cambrian District; flying north, towards Aliviso, low alt.
California Gull; San Jose ;
California quail; Wishon, CA; There were 40 quail in my yard!
California Quail; Sacramento ;
California Towhee; San Francisco, Presidio, steps outside; A good-looking bird
Cardinal; Dobbs Ferry NY; in front hedge of the house
Cardinal; Backyard;  
Chestnut-backed Chickadee; Woodacre;
chickadee; at the feeder; saw a crow chasing a hawk today
Common Loon; Morro Bay;  
Common Raven
Cooper’s Hawk; Santa Barbara; Lives in this oak tree, see it every am
Cooper’s Hawk; Cleveland, Ohio; Had a breakfast of pigeon in my back yar
Cooper’s hawk
Coot; Goleta; Love those feet !!!
Dark-eyed Junco; Cameron Park;
Eurasian collared dove; Half Moon Bay, California;  
female american robin; berkeley;  
geese; I-5 on way to airport; they were headed to the North?
Gila Woodpecker; (lives in the saguaro in the arroyo behind our house and had breakfast in my backyard!);
Gold Finch; Watsonville, Ca.; Stormy Weather
Green Parrott flock; El Cajon, California; Very noisy makes me run outside to watch
Heermann”s gull; Pacific Grove;  
Hermit Thrush; in the garden path;  
House Finch; Backyard; Busy eating at the feeders
House finch
House Sparrow
Hummers; San Diego.;
Hummingbird; At my feeder on my balcony; it was at dawn break
hummingbird; Piru;
Lesser Goldfinch; Buena Park, CA;  
lesser goldfinch; Westlake Village on Townsgate; nice group of birds, drink from faucet
Lesser Goldfinch; waiting for feeder to be hung up; 1 mile inland, Monterey Bay
Lesser goldfinch; Westlake Village ;
lesser goldfinch – male; residence feeder – Austin TX;  
Merlin; Novato ;
moscovey duck; alabama;  
Mourning dove; 8:30 A.M.; one with a band around its neck
mourning dove; Outside Nipomo California; flock of forty
Mourning Dove
Mourning Doves; San Diego backyard; About a dozen of ‘em.
Northern Cardinals; East Coast;
Northern mockingbird; Eagle Rock – Los Angeles;  
Northern Mockingbird; Chico ;
Nuttalls woodpecker
Nuttall’s Woodpecker; Woodland hills, CA;  
Oak Titmouse; Woodacre;
Red bellied woodpecker
Red finches
Red Shouldered Hawk; Starr Ranch;  
Red-breasted Nuthatch; Woodacre;
Red-breasted Sapsucker; Occidental, CA;  
Redwings; Stonehouse; 100+
Rock dove; Pasadena ;
rock doves
Scrub Jay; Foresthill; he was waiting for food at my birdfeeder
scrub jay; Arthur Street, Cotait; odd-not seen one for a month til yesterd
Seagull; Flying in Eagle Rock, CA 90041; It was during a lull in the storm.
Spotted Towhee; Sebastopol ;
Townsend’s Warbler; Monterey;
turkey vulture; PRS…soaring above my house;  
Turkey Vulture; Oakland; it was early before 8am
Western Gull; Emeryville; Flying over the Pixar building
Western Scrub Jay; Back yard, Santa Rosa, CA;  
Western Scrub-Jay; Ben Lomond ;
White crowned sparrow
White-breasted Nuthatch; Williamstown (MA);
White-winged Dove; Dallas;
Yellow-rumped warbler; In my backyard in Altadena, CA;  
yellow-rumped warbler. ; Hollister;
Yellow-rumped Warbler; Claremont;

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  • Judy McIntosh

    This looks like fun. Please do it again. Regularly, if possible. I was doing the CBC in Lake Henshaw area on Monday so couldn’t report my first bird, which was-surprise-a crow.

  • helen

    that was fun, lets do it again. sacramento