S.F. Bay waterbird survey breaks record — again!

January 27th, 2011 · by Garrison Frost

Surveys of waterbirds at the Richardson Bay Audubon Center & Sanctuary have set record highs three times in a row. Monday’s jaw-dropping total was 13,339 birds in the Sanctuary. Again, they were mostly Scaup, which were for the most part resting (probably after gorging on herring eggs?), and they seemed to be concentrated in the northeast corner of the Sanctuary near Blackie’s Pasture. Not a lot of fish-eaters:  very few cormorants, terns or loons. Surveyors did see a handful of some rare ducks to these parts: Canvasback (6), Northern Shoveler (9), Northern Pintail (3), along with the unusually common American Widgeon (81) and Common Goldeneye (34). The entire count is below:

NE 9537   
SE 2456   
NW 834   
SW 512   
TOTAL 13339   
Am. Coots 415   
Am. Widgeon 81   
Bufflehead 866   
Great./Less. Scaup 10515   
Ruddy Duck 695   
Surf Scoter 85   
Western/Clark’s Grebe  205   
Gulls 200 (includes 60 Glaucous-winged)

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