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January 28th, 2011 · by Garrison Frost

Wow, great turnout. More than 150 people told us about their first bird of the day. The largest group left their observation on Facebook, and a slightly smaller number clicked through to our online form. Today’s list contained more than 70 different species (hard to get an exact count given our somewhat flexible naming conventions). Topping the list was Anna’s Hummingbird at 12 sightings. Our corvids also made a good showing, including Crows, Scrub Jays and Stellar’s Jays. Lots of hawks out this morning, apparently, including one Kestrel. Mourning Doves were also out in good numbers, apparently. We were particularly pleased to see four Cardinals on the list, demonstrating that our friends in other states are taking part (which we welcome!). One note, we’re thinking about making this a regular Friday morning activity, in order to give you all a little advance word. We’ll still sprinkle some random flashbirds in between, though. Pictured is the Oak Titmouse, our first bird here in Emeryville. (photo by Peter LaTourrette). Anyway, the entire list is below. Check it out:

Albino Chickadee, In my backyard, near Westby Wisconsin, Probably wasn’t the first ~ but close!
American Coot, Petaluma CA 
American Crow, Sacramento, heard in thru the fog
American Crow, Davis, Quite a few hanging out around my house
American Crow, Claremont, CA,
American Goldfinch at the thistle feeder.,
American goldfinch, actually 12 of them on my feeder at 6:45am,
American Sparrow 
Anna Hummingbird, Crescent City, CA, User Provided No Response
Anna’s Hummingbird 
Anna’s Hummingbird, 07:07 at Backyard, Fresno,CA
Anna’s Hummingbird, LBC /backyard feeder, he’s there every morning when I get up
Anna’s hummingbird, between Arcata and Blue Lake, CA, User Provided No Response
Anna’s hummingbird, Laguna beach, Collecting spiderwebs for nest making
Anna’s Hummingbird 
Anna’s hummingbird sitting in the bamboo next to the feeder. Crows.,
Anna’s hummingbird, getting breakfast at my feeder in my backyard..,
Anna’s Hummingbird, Laguna 
Anna’s Hummingbird, Male, Belmont, CA, User Provided No Response
Anna’s Hummungbird, Arcata 
Audubon’s Warbler, Riverside County,
Bewick’s Wren, Los Altos 
Black Phoebe, Solvang, CA, User Provided No Response
Black Phoebe, HB walking the dog around my neighborhoo, User Provided No Response
Black Phoebe, Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, User Provided No Response
Black Phoebe 
Black-capped chickadee, at my feeder. Napa, CA.,
Black-capped chickadee, I love the pic of the Evening Grosbeak!,
bluejay, in the tree out front, i call him jake i see him every mornin
Brown Towhees, Calabasas, CA,
California Quail 
California Towhee, Los Altos California,
Canada Geese 
Canada Geese, Richmond 
Cardinal, backyard feeder, usual breakfast crowd this AM
Cardinal, city – my windowsill, He waits for  food from me.
Cardinal, Whitney Texas 
Carolina Chickadee, TN 
Chestnut-backed Chickadee, Willits,
Chestnut-sided Chickadee. 
Chickens, neighbor’s 
Common Crow, Livermore California, Yelow-rumped Warbler #2
Cooper’s Hawk 
Cooper’s Hawk, juvenile 
Crow, foggy morning 
Crowned Sparrow 
Dark eyed Junco, Chico, CA patio wall, common in the winter
Dark-eyed (Oregon) Junco, backyard, 6:51 AM
Dark-eyed Junco … Oregon male, Stockton, CA  backyard patio, Fun little guys to watch.
Dark-eyed Junco, feeding with my favorite California Towhee and some white crowned sparrows!!
Dark-eyed Junco, Ukiah 
Dark-eyed juncos (Eureka, Calif.),
Dove, on electrical line behind house, it was soaking up the morning sun
Euras. collared doves, backyard feeder, pair, unusual, were up on the feeder itself
Fish Crow, First heard was a Carolina Wren, Ft Myers FL,
Gigantic flock of small dark birds, Mendocino County.,
Goldfinch, a bunch on the sock feeder. :D Sacramento, CA,
Great Grey Heron, actually, several of them. It seems to be courtship time here at the marina in Ventura.
Great-horned Owl 
Green Heron, In a marsh in Folsom CA, Lucky to have seen it..It’s foggy.
Green Parrots, asleep in the tree across the street, One of the feral parrot flocks of the San Gabriel Valley.
Gull, Bay Area 
House Finch, On a power line, North Park, San Diego, User Provided No Response
house finch, birdfeeder, San Diego CA, User Provided No Response
house finch, backyard feeder Lafayette CA, User Provided No Response
House Finch, North Hollywood 
House Finch, San Francisco, CA,
House Sparrow 
House sparrow, again, They hang out in my bougainvillea.,
Kestrel, was being chased by a crow in Cardiff-by-the-Sea.,
Killdeer, Upland, CA, User Provided No Response
Lesser Goldfinch, Buena Park, User Provided No Response
Lesser Goldfinch, birdfeeder, Austin TX, User Provided No Response
Little brown bird 
male House Finch, Seed feeder outside window iMt Pinos, CA, Was with a female
Mallards, Culver City, 7 males + 2 females, in our manmade lake
Mockingbird, as usual. 
Mockingbird, with a beautiful voice!,
morning dove, my bird feeder, lots of yellow finches eating nyger seed
Morning Dove, Roseville, CA, no
Mountain Chickadee 
Mouring Dove, at feeder in backyard, about 40 of them here
Mourning dove, On a wire above suburban yards., Los Angeles County
Mourning Dove, Woodland Hills, Ca, User Provided No Response
Mourning dove 
Mourning dove 
Mourning Dove 
Mourning Doves, feeding on a gravel patch in my backyard where I weeded a few days ago. Something yummy there, apparently. They blend with the gravel perfectly and are nearly invisible until they move.
No little birdies this morning, Napa, CA, Thick fog. Can’t see 10 feet.
Northern Cardinal, Near my home in Burleson, TX, He was a beautiful male singing.
Northern flicker, eating at the suet feeder. There were a pair of White breasted Nuthatches feeding below on the scraps.Lincoln, CA
Northern Mockingbird, Woodland, CA, Munching on suet in the backyard.
Northern Red-shafted Flicker, Song Sparrow (Heard), very foggy this morning.
Nutall’s White Crowned Sparrow, On a lupine bush in Pacific Grove., Sweet sounding birdies!
Oak Titmouse, Emeryville, a few of them gracing an otherwise prosaic commercial parking lot
Oregon Junco 
Oregon juncos, Northern NM, in my yard,
Oregon Juncos, San Francisco, CA,
Pacific Slope Flycatcher, outside my window nipping his breakfast among the geraniums.
Pacific Wren, singing just below our house in Aptos, 1 1/4 mile from the coast in foothills
pigeon, anaheim 
Pine Siskin, san jose 
Raven, Common, San Francisco, CA, User Provided No Response
Red Tail Hawk, In a tree in backyard. Redwood City Ca., Neighborhood Crows are not likeing it.
Red-breasted Sapsucker, Occidental, CA, just like last time,
Red-shafted Flicker 
Red-shouldered Hawk 
Red-shouldered Hawk, Ione. 
Red-tailed Hawk 
Red-tailed hawk, Hwy 45 north of Colusa; caravanning as part of a field trip for the Chico Snow Goose Festival.
Rock pigeon 
Say’s Phoebe, baclyard, I seee him often each winter.
Scrub Jay, Palos Verdes Peninsula, User Provided No Response
Scrub Jay – Woodacre, CA. 
Scrub Jay— but they really are gorgeous birds!,
Scrub jay, Highland 
Scrub jay, up in our tree talking to me for his peanuts, Stockton, CA,
Seagull, Pismo Beach, ca, User Provided No Response
Sharp-shinned Hawk 
sparrow, Santa Rosa,CA, User Provided No Response
Sparrows, Kern County, California,
Spotted Towhee 
Starling, everywhere, Chico, bird crazy enough to be out in fog!
Stellar Jay, Scotts Valley/home, it caught my attention as it shrieks
Stellar Jay, trying to get food before all the other birds chase them off.,
Stellar’s Jay, San Francisco, CA 
Steller’s Jay, Cabernet Way, Placerville, User Provided No Response
Steller’s Jay, Nevada City, User Provided No Response
Western Gull, Pacific Grove 
Western gulls, Pacific Grove 
Western Meadowlark 
western scrub jay 
Western Scrubjay, Backyard in Pt. Richmond, CA, User Provided No Response
Western Towhee, it’s too dark to see but I can hear it,
White crowned sparrows feeding under the thistle feeder.,
White-breasted Nuthatch 
White-crowned Sparrow 
Yellow-rumped Warbler, Garden Grove, followed by singing House Finches in the background

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