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February 18th, 2011 · by Garrison Frost

Participants reported more than 160 first birds this morning, a new record for the Friday Firstbird, for sure. In all, you reported more than 50 species of birds. Leading the way were American Robin, Anna’s Hummingbird, California Towhee, Crow, and Mourning Dove. But there were lots of great birds throughout. We received reports through our blog, Facebook, and Twitter — meaning that we’re catching a nice range of platforms. Our favorite report came from Quebec: “Premier oiseau de la journée est une tourterelle,suivie par la mésange,le moineau et roselin se sont croisés aux mangeoires et par la suite pigeons et etourneaux sansonnets sonr venus grignoter les graines restantes et le suif. Tout cela dans ma cour arrière à Québec.” Check out the entire list below. (California Towhee, photo by USFWS):

Acorn Woodpecker, on a tree, There’s a Granery tree near my house
Acorn woodpecker. There’s a granery tree across the road from my house. They are all over in my trees.,
Aleutian Geese, Just east of Blue Lake, Ca, They woke me up with their honking.
Allen’s Hummingbird, Debs Park, Los Angeles,
Allen’s Hummingbird (I think), in West Hollywood, CA. 
American Crow, Covina, Ca,
American Crow San Diego. 
American Goldfinch, Woodland, CA, on my thistle feeder
American Goldfinch, Encinitas,CA, Several at my Nyger Feeder
American Goldfinch, Sherman Oaks, CA, User Provided No Response
American Kestrel, Coalinga, CA, a pair circling above my backyard
American Robin, Plumas Lake, CA, Six of them in our backyard :)
American Robin, American River Parkway, Sacramento,
American Robin, backyard – Tarzana, CA,
American Robin, Oakland, CA, residential area,
American Robin, Kanab, UT, outside of where I work, :)
American Robin 
American Robin 
American Robin – Tarzana, CA 
American Robin, heard not seen. 
Ana’s hummingbird, Hal Moon Bay, California,
Anna’s Hummingbird, My feeder, Dana Point, big storm on the way
Anna’s Hummingbird, Northridge, At the feeder on my patio.
Anna’s Hummingbird, Hummingbird feeder, They are there at first light!
Anna’s hummingbird, Sacramento, flitting among the birch trees
Anna’s Hummingbird 
Anna’s Hummingbird – Northridge. 
Anna’s Hummingbird. Tweedling from a shrub while I walked the dog.,
Anna’s hummingbirds, two babies, in San Diego, CA. 
band-tailed pigeon, Castro Valley, One pigeon atop poplar in the rain.
Band-tailed pigeons under the oaks next to the middle school yard in Pasadena,
Black phoebe, Sacramento, CA,
Black Phoebe, My yard,
Black Phoebe in Indian Wells, CA 
Black-chinned Hummer outside my window – Bakersfield.,
blue bird; western scrub?, Paso Robles Ca, taking coco moss from outdoor planter
Blue Jay, In my lilac tree feeder, Extremely vocal chasing off chickadees
Blue Jay 
bluebird, birdbath, san diego, ca,
Brown bird 
Brown Pelican, Flying over the ocean in Pacific Grove, despite the rain lots of birds are out
Brown Pelican, the Early Bird gets the…FISH?! 
Bushtits, Garden Grove, CA, House Finches singing in the distance
CA Towhee, My back yard (Half Moon Bay, CA), feeding on ground
CA Towhee, (heard Phainopela first), Shingle Springs, CA, Rain, 41F,
Calif towhee, Walnut Creek,
Calif. Towhee, Napa, CA 
California Quail 
California towhee, Berkeley, California, :-)
California Towhee, On feeder in Mount Pinos Ca,
california towhee, ben lomond,ca., it’s raining so things are quiet
California Towhee, Palos Verdes, CA, in shrub, then foraging on ground
California Towhee, Shingle Springs, CA, Rain, 41F
California Towhee, Front yard. Chico Ca 
Canada Goose, Sacramento, CA,
Canadian Goose, Portage, MI, They are the first bird I see every morn
Cardinal, Louisiana 
Chestnut Backed Chicadee at the feeder – Northern CA.,
chestnut backed chickadee, backyard feeder,
Common ground dove, Barstow, CA,
Common Raven, Audubon Kern River Preserve, GBBC begins today!
Common Raven, Monterey pine tree in neighbor’s yard, Was hoping to see the acorn woodpeckers
crow, santa monica ca, we sure have alot of these here!
Crow, Manhattan Beach,
crow, PRS -  top of a cypress tree,
Crow, Visalia, CA,
Crow, again in Livermore. 
Crow~every morning~ 
Dark eyed junco, Willits, Ca.,
Dove, a few of them, but I couldn’t get close enough to tell what kind they were. :(,
Dove, followed by the chickadee, sparrow and finch crossed the feeders and then pigeons and starlings starlings sonr nibble from the remaining seeds. All this in my backyard in Quebec.
Dozens of House Sparrows, My backyard feeder, Yuba City
ducks Los Angeles, CA 
Female House Finch, Backyard,
finch, my backyard at the feeder, Lots of snow out there.
Fox Sparrow (gray form), Porter Ranch, above Limekiln Cyn, I’ve regularly seen both sooty and gray
Frigatebird, magnificent 
Goldfinch, backyard feeder, San Diego,
Goldfinch, perhaps a female, outside my dentist’s window in Highland, CA. I hope all the birds find protection when those rainstorms hit! God bless them all!
Great Blue Heron, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware! 
Great Horned Owl, heard, but didn’t see. 
Gull, Emeryville, Couldn’t tell which kind.
Hairy Woodpecker, Cabernet Way, Placerville, Outside den window with 8″ snow.
Herring Gull  
Herring Gulls, flying here in San Jose. 
horned lark—-beautiful song. 
House finch, Denver colorado,
House Finch 
House Sparrow 
Housefinch brilliant gold, Ridge near Ukiah, California, Others are red; he’s shiny metallic gold
Hungry Robin, Ben Lomond, Santa Cruz Mountains,
husband saw mockingbird, his usual feeding spot..small fence, austin, texas..eats mealworms we provide
Lesser Goldfinches on my feeder! 
Mallard duck, flying over the hose in Newbury Park, CA,
Mixed flock dark-eyed Juncos, Chickadees, San Lorenzo Valley, CA,
Mockingbird, North Hollywood,
Morning Dove, then Hummingbirds within seconds, then the quail joined the doves,
Mourning Dove, 92129,
Mourning dove, Neighbor’s tree, Hearing Bewick’s wrens first, though.
Mourning dove, On the wires over residential backyard., Suburban L.A. County
Mourning Dove, TV antenna 2 houses away, actually 4th bird – first I identified
mourning dove, Stockton, CA, there were three
Mourning Dove, West Hills, CA, A couple looking to nest :) Love them!
Mourning Dove 
Mourning Dove – So Cal 
Mourning dove, but the Bewicks Wrens wake me up with their cute sounds every morning, now. They are building a nest (second year in a row) in a gourd bird house in our back yard.
Mourning Dove, Calabasas CA. 
Mourning dove-Tujunga, CA 
Northern Flicker, Julian CA 92036,
Northern Mockingbird, backyard, was srill dark, but it was singing up a
Northern Mockingbird, El Segundo, CA,
Northern Mockingbird on the wires across the street from my house – Southern California,
Oak Titmouse. I think they’re going to breed in the peach tree again.,
Orange-crowned warblers in an oak canyon, Santa Barbara,
Oregon Junco. Front yard. Chico Ca 
owl – young horned owl maybe, King William Virginia, fluffy round body,golden red color
Raven, Lancaster,ca,
Raven, Kern River Preserve 
Ravens, two of them goofing around in the wind, too stormy for anything else to be out. San Pedro, Ca.,
Red Tail Hawk, flew by my patio doors, Ontario Canada, nesting in bush a couple of doors over
Red Tailed Hawk & Nutall’s Woodpecker, My garden, Woodland Hills, CA,
Red Tailed Hawk, near Alviso, CA 
Red wing blackbird, Black walnut tree, Newcastle, CA,
Red wing Blackbird. Newcastle, CA in a black walnut tree. 
Red-shouldered Hawk, Flying over my house, Yorba Linda So Cal, Love those raptors!
Red-tail hawk on a wire in Santa Cruz 
Robin, Redwood forest, User Provided No Response
Rock Dove 
Ruby-crowned Kinglet in El Cerrito, CA 
Rufus hummingbird, Carlsbad, CA, he was at the feeder just before dawn
Say’s Phoebe, Three females and a male on my fence post checking out the neighbor building a new fence :),
Scrub Jay, Wofford Heights, CA,
Scrub Jay, Belmont, California,
scrub jay, backyard, He had 2 peanuts in his bill
Scrub Jay – Chico, CA 
sea gull, taylor & ofarell  SF,
Seagulls flying towards the coast! Novato,Pleasant Valley,CA,
song sparrow. 
Spotted Towhee, My front garden,
Spotted Towhee, backyard birdfeeder, 3 of them along with the goldfinches
Spotted Towhee 
Starling, Elverta CA,
Stellar Jay, Arcata, CA,
stellar jay, at one of my platform feeders, Westhaven, CA, near Trinidad
Stellar Jay on the power pole. Arcata, CA. 
Steller’s Jay, Boulder Creek ,California,
Towhee, Foresthill, on my back deck
Varied Thrush, Arcata,
Western Bluebird, Novato 
White breasted Nuthatch, Erie County, Pennsylvania,
White Crowned Sparrow, Pacifica CA,
White crowned sparrow feeding on the ground below my Finch feeder. SOCAL,
White-Crowned Sparrow Front yard. Chico Ca 
white-headed woodpecker, my backyard, Heavy snowfall no problem
White-tailed kite, north of Davis,
Wrens. Very tart and sassy, fixing to make a nest on my front porch in the hanging flower baskets.

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