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March 25th, 2011 · by Garrison Frost

Big thanks to everyone who participated in today’s Firstbird poll. Once again, lots of great birds, including our first from Hawaii — a Common Myna. Top bird was probably the Anna’s Hummingbird with at least 12. Mourning Dove was also a common sighting, as well as quail, robins, and crows. It’s a great list — be sure to check it out below. (photo of Mourning Dove by USFWS)

Acorn Woodpeckers, eating from hanging suet feeder, lots of family groups around here!
Allen’s Hummingbird, San Bernardino, CA,
Allen’s Hummingbird, backyard – Tarzana, CA, a regular at our sugar feeder
American Crow, Simi Valley,
American Crow, Westchester, CA, eating worms after the rain stopped
American Crow, Flyby my residence, heard only, meditating at sunrise
American Crow, Maryland, Caw!
American Crows, Flying around Italian Cypress trees, Just like every other morning!
american gold finches (bakersfield california) plus 6 other types, but “first bird”
American goldfinch, Half Moon Bay, California,
American Goldfinches, 3 of them flew into my dogwood just as I stepped out the front door. ~ Savannah, TN
American Robin, South Beach neighborhood, San Francisco, Spring = loud Robins.
Anna;s Hummingbird, Feeder,
Annas Hummingbird, On a nectar feedewr in my back yard, Several of my nectar feeders were frozen
Anna’s Hummingbird, Covina, CA, Not a lot of birds out in the rain!
Anna’s Hummingbird, Getting food, Also getting nesting material
Anna’s Hummingbird, San Francisco, Telegraph Hill,
anna’s hummingbird, my backyard,
Anna’s Hummingbird, backyard, we have feeders
Anna’s Hummingbird (Calypte anna), Gustine, California.,
Anna’s hummingbird gathering spiderwebs for a nest.,
Anna’s hummingbird I see 1st each day lives on my patio, I hard. The lesser goldfinches were singing up a storm in the tree too. Rained hard most of the night & quit at daybreak. The birds were obviously happy about that!
Anna’s hummingbird, female, sacramento ca, gathering nectar from a camellia
Audubon’s Warbler, My rooftop balcony,
Barn owls, Starr Ranch. :-) 
bewicks wren, my yard, singing
bewicks wren, my yard, singing
Bewick’s Wren, Los Angeles,
Black Phoebe, Temecula, CA, ID by call
Black Phoebe, in my backyard  Long Beach CA,
Black Phoebe, On the fence of my front yard,
Black-capped Chickadee, upstate New York,
Blue Jay, Fort Smith, AR at my home,
blue jay, guerneville ca., building a nest outside of  my window
Brown towhee, in my driveway, a mating pair, I believe
CA Towhee – LA Basin – building a nest in my bougainvillea.,
California Quail, Front yard, under the Stone Pine,
California Quail, backyard in Sonoma, Ca, At the bird seed with WCSP
California Quail, Avocado grove, A small covey has returned after 2-3 mo.
california towhee. actually a pair, under my neighbor’s picnic table; it’s raining. alameda, ca
Canada geese, Berkeley, ca, Didn’t actually see them. Flying over.
Canada Geese, she is sitting on her eggs, he is standing guard. Grass Valley, Ca.
Canada Goose, Flew over my back yard in Pleasant Hill, Just 1 bird but calling loudly.
Canadian Geese, Saratoga, CA, (6)They were on the track’s grass field!
cardinal, In my backyard, It was dawn, and he was lovely
Carolina Wren, Upstate New York, Yellow-headed BB would be a life bird for me. But I’m far far away in Upstate NY. I heard a instead, and a Carolina Wren.
Cedar Waxwings, El Segundo, CA, FOS in town.
Cedar Waxwings. My FOS in town. They’re late, I usually first see them in mid-February.
chestnut backed chickadee, birdfeeder – richmond, ca,
Chestnut-backed chicadees, backyard feeder,
Clark”s Nutcracker, Mammoth Lakes, At the bird feeder after 3″ of snow
colorful Bluebird During my early hike at Devil’s back bone open space in Loveland, Colorado saw a, welcome back to Colorado blue beauty!!!!!
Common Myna, Maui, on vacation
Common Raven in Palm Springs.,
Common Sparrow, Los Angeles, CA, Head the bushtit first though!
Common Sparrow, Los Angeles,
Cooper’s hawks.Iridescent.white all grey doves. Novato, CA,
cormorants, on the rocks offshore at Sea Ranch, storm breaking up, blue sky to the West
crow, home,
crow, big! 
crow, noisy :> 
Dark-eyed junco, Palos Verdes, CA, a few on patio, and one housefinch
dove, DOG PARK IN THE TREES, warbles like “strawberry five”
Eurasian collared dove 
European Starling, Garden Grove, CA – In a steady rain,, making a beeline for a nearby palm tree
European Starling bathing in a rain puddle. Fresno, Ca 93703,
Female Anna Hummingbird, Gustine, California,
Golden-Crowned Sparrow ground feeding in San Francisco.,
Goldfinch, backyard- san jose, ca,
Goldfinches, backyard, San Jose, CA,
great egrets Woodland CA 
Hooded Oriole at my hummingbird feeder (they are back!) Yorba Linda, So Cal
House Finch, Audubon Kern River Preserve,
house finch, west la backyard,
House sparrow., Outside my Office at Napa Valley College, White crowned sparrows, crows, scrub jay
house wren, birdhouse, he sings all night long
house wren, Loveland Colorado,
Housefinch female, Inland Mendocino County Northern Calif, very few birds visible in this rain
Housefinch female, Inland Mendocino County Northern Calif, very few birds visible in this rain
Hummers and goldfinches gathered around the feeders in Bodfish!,
hummingbird ~ 
Hummingbird: male rufous, Arcata CA backyard feeder,
junco. It’s almost always the same, They line up by the kitchen window and wait for me to come out and feed them.
Lesser Goldfinches at my patio feeder in Costa Mesa.,
magpie, in Sacramento. 
Male American Goldfinch, My birch trees, There must be close to a hundred of them
Male Anna’s Hummingbird, My backyard,
Male bufflehead, Richmond, CA,
Mallard Duck male, Templeton, CA,
Mallard ducks in a rainwater pond.,
Morning dove, Sitting in her nest on my patio., Two little eggs.
Mourning Dove, My yard, But I woke up to the song of a cardinal!
Mourning Dove, La Habra Heights,
Mourning Dove, San Diego at the feeder,
Mourning Dove, Barstow, CA, On a nest
Mourning Dove, at the feeder, love their mournful cry…
mourning dove just flew over. West LA.,
Mourning Dove on a nest in my blooming apple tree in Barstow, CA. She has stayed there faithfully through wind and rain and cold. I check on her every morning. (I have no idea if MoDo pairs share nesting duties… have never seen a switch-off… either way they are doing a great job!)
mourning dove that almost did a kamikaze imitation on the hood of my car this morning.
Mourning Doves in Bakersfield. About six of them.,
Nashville Warbler, Friant CA, eating seeds from Fiddleneck flowers
northern harrier, Loveland Colorado,
Northern Mockingbird, Woodland, CA, Heard, not seen – it’s that time of year
Northern Mockingbird, Eagle Rock, CA,
Northern mockingbird, Eagle Rock – LA,
Northern Mockingbird…on a rainy day in Claremont,CA.,
oak titmouse at a feeder right outside my kitchen window…..,
Orange-crowned Warbler, Riverside, CA,
Oregon Junco, San Mateo, CA,
Our lovebird~Sunny 
parrots, outside of my house flying in a bunch, they were flying and chatting loud
Pine Siskin, an extremely wet little one, on the tube feeder, Aptos CA just south of Santa Cruz on the coast
Pink Spoonbill 
purple finch, san diego,tree in backyard, mom and dad with baby
Quail, Back yard, Love them!
Quail…along with hummingbirds and several others…. in Bodfish . What a joy! I love hearing the birds first thing in the morning! they always cheer me up!
Raven, tree in my yard, he/she was wet
Red headed woodpecker. Pasadena,CA. Pecking out a telephone pole. :)
Red robin 
Red Shoulder – Adult, Hercules, On it’s usual light pole
Red Tailed Hawk, Arcata,
red winged blackbird 
Red-bellied Woodpecker, Neighbors dead Maple Tree., Walking up the trunk to the top.flewaway
Red-Breasted Nuthatch, Hayward, Ca, In a pine tree at my apartment.
Red-Breasted Nuthatch accross from the balcony at my apartment in Hayward Ca. They must use circular breathing to continue their “meep meep meep meep. . . ” ad infinitum.
Redpoll, Yard,
Red-shafted Northern Flicker, In my yard, He came for my homemade Bark Butter
Red-Winged Blackbird, Outside my house., I don’t think it likes the snow in NE.
Robin, My yard, A large flock  here for a couple days
Robin, Attacking its reflection in my window., Cardboarded the outside of the window.
robin I heard. 
robin, Loveland Colorado 
Rock Dove, Pacific Grove, CA,
Rock Doves  (5-7), in flight just east of home, sunny; brisk, cold wind at 25mph
Rufous Hummingbird who now “owns” my feeder.,
Rufous-sided Towhee….saw Mr. Towhee this morning…they come every spring..just one male + one .female..for the last 6 years.
scrub jay, apartment patio fence, davis, ca, they are my morning regulars
scrub jay, midtown Ventura (backyard),
Scrub Jay in Pacific Grove, eating a peanut from the neighbors.,
Scrub Jay, Chico Ca. At my feeder.,
Scrub jays – here for morning peanuts – followed by junco and yellow-rumped warbler and then a visit from my crows. Technically the first birds i see are my green-cheeked conures, but i suppose they don’t count for this purpose….
Snowy egret, Calaveras River bank,River Rd, Stockton, Mallards, mergansers, Canada geese also
Sparrows, different kinds, around my feeder this morning…….;D,
Spotted Towhee, Woodland Hills, CA, 2 of them in my garden
Stellars Jay, not sure what they call them here,
Storks, migrating, South Africa,
Towhee, back yard,
turkey vulture, Point Reyes Station CA, soaring above…
Turkey Vulture, Honey Run Road, Chico,
White Crowned Sparrow, San Jose, User Provided No Response
White crowned sparrows in Redwood City.,
White-crowned sparrow, suburban yard, LA County, ground-feeding.
Wild Turkey, American River Parkway Sacramento,
Yellow bill magpie, merced ca,
Yellow billed magpie, Winters, While running
Yellow Headed Blackbird 
Yellow-rump warbler – 1000 Palms, Ca,

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  • Nico, Los Angeles

    I logged a Peregrine Falcon, Downtown Los Angeles, eating a pigeon on balcony, right below my 41st Floor view

  • Leah

    I truly enjoyed reading about the birds all over the U.S. I hope more bird lovers catch on and next fridays list is even longer than todays! Good Job on all the postings everyone =)
    Turkey Vulture, Honey Run Road, Chico, Ca

  • Fred Bates

    I logged( Redpoll yard), It was in Rutland Vermont