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April 29th, 2011 · by Garrison Frost

Thanks to everyone who told us about their first bird of the day. As usual, it’s a great list. The hummingbirds (mostly Anna’s), Brewer’s Blackbirds, California Towhees, and Mourning Doves sort of leap out in big numbers. But lots of other great species as well. Check out the full list below (photo of Brewer’s Blackbird by Ingrid Taylar):

Acorn Woodpecker, oak trees//Ukiah,Ca., we have millions of woodpeckers
American Crow, Garden Grove, CA, stopped for just a moment out back
American Crow, Stockton, Strutting in the street that she/he owns
American Goldfinch, Feeder, San Jose, Beautiful little guy!
American goldfinch, Half Moon Bay, 
American Goldfinch, Los Altos, CA 
Anna’s hummer, backyard -  Atascadero, 
Anna’s hummer, black phoebe, lesser goldfinches, house finches.
Anna’s Hummingbird, Pismo Beach, CA, In front of my hotel room in bushes. :)
Anna’s Hummingbird, Sacramento backyard, beautiful splash of color!!
anna’s hummingbird, usc campus, los angeles, on her nest
anna’s hummingbird, nesting outside dining window, also, saw oak titmouse, black eyed junco
Anna’s Hummingbird at the feeder in my yard in Claremont, CA.
anna’s hummingbird outside dining window; also, oak titmouse, house finch pair; black eyed junco pair, california towhee at bird feeder
Baltimore Oriole, Backyard at the feeder, 
band tail pigeons, back yard, 
Barnn swallow, Oakland, CA, 
black capped chicadee, Bonny Doon,
Black Headed Grosbeak, In my yard, Santa Cruz Mtns, Summit Area
black headed grosbeak, my backyard bird feeder, 
black phoebe. my good morning bird. He/she is always outside ready to eat bugs and chirp
Black-headed Grosbeak, Laytonville, Ca., 
Black-headed Grosbeak at my feeder, Yorba Linda. They are back!
Black-throadet Diver, Mjøsa. Lillehammer (Norway), Sunshine
blue and grey bird?, back porch Fulton, CA, not sure the name of this beauty
Blue Jay, backyard, NE Pennsylvania, 
Blue Jay. 
Bluejay, In Colorado 
Brewers Blackbird 
Brewer’s Blackbird (male), El Segundo, CA, I think they are nesting in my yard.
Brewer’s Blackbird (male) South Bay area of So Cal. I think they are nesting in my yard.
Brown Pelican, Dana Point, CA, 
Bullock’s Oriole & Black Headed Grosbeak, Mt. Pinos, CA, 
Bush Tit, Los Angeles, 
CA Quail, Quartz Hill, CA, 
California Flicker, on my chimney, Fulton, CA, Beautifully annoying
california quail perched at the top of a joshua tree——apple valley. CA
California Quail, heard. Westhaven, CA,
California Towhee, Woodland Hills, CA, 
California Towhee, Central Coast town, CA, It was “tinking’ up a storm!
California Towhee, My backyard, Redding CA, 
California towhee, hard at work in the dawn’s early light.
California Towhee, Sebastopol, CA 
Calliope hummingbird, at hummingbird feeder outside my window, I see him every mourning just after 6 am
Canada Geese, On the roof of the apts I live in, They were chasing away all other birds
Canadian Goose, Playa Vista, CA, 2 flying overhead
cedar waxwings, attacking the holly tree across the street! at least 60 birds!
cinnamon teals. I believe they were nesting. Folsom CA
Common Myna, Haleiwa, North Shore Oahu, 
Corvus brachyrhynchos, Temecula, CA, 
couldn’t distinguish which bird it was because I was having my second breakfast bloody marry…..
Crow, Field, 
crow, flying outside, 
Dark-eyed Junco, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, 
dove cooing loudly on my patio wall. Fullerton, CA.
Downy Woodpecker, Livermore Ca, 
ducks wait on the deck each morning at 6…heard a woodpecker, Stellar’s jays & saw a pidgeon ;-)
Female House Sparrow, Oxnard, 
flycatcher of some sort, maybe a gnatcatcher?,
Great Blue Heron, Open field near the redwoods of Boulder Creek :)
house finch, nyger thistle sock backyard, next to lesser goldfinch/modos on grnd
House Finch, San Diego, 
House Finch, Raymond, CA, 
House Finch 
House finch (male) in Sacramento 
House finch, Aliso Viejo 
House finche, Spring Valley, Ca, 
House Wren, Backyard, They are nesting in the telephone box.
house wrens, above our patio, have a nest in our patio light fixture
House Wrens coming and going to their nesting box.
House Wrens. They sure start singing early in the morning.
Hummer – Rufous, Humboldt County-Arcata, 
humming bird pine tree SF CA 
hummingbird, pine tree San Francisco, Ca., lot of activity
hummingbirds (brown, one small one large) at the feeder. heard the pigeon family that roosted in a large flower pot, with hungry babies and two parental attendants. Los Angeles CA, just above Glendale.
lesser goldfinch, backyard SF, Actually heard a N. Mockingbird first
Magpies, three yellow-billed, trying to land in evergreen treetop, in winds of 35-40 mph.
Mallards, Richmond, CA, 
mallards napping on my driveway, lol. Sacramento CA
Mockingbird, Covina, There might be a nest in my tree!
Mockingbird, in my backyard, 
Mockingbird, Rodeo, Ca., 
Mockingbird. 300 am. He’s happy even in the middle of the night
morning dove, front yard, 
Morning dove 
Mourning Dove, in a flock flying in San Luis Obispo, 
mourning dove, la mesa, 
Mourning Dove, Hemet, CA, 
Mourning Dove, Kuna, Idaho, 
Mourning dove 
Mourning Dove – Audubon Kern River Preserve
Mourning Dove(s), Carmichael, CA, They appear to be a “couple”
Mourning Dove, cooing away, My backyard, Placentia CA, Wish I could stay home and birdwatch!
Mourning Dove, Santa Rosa, Ca 
Northern Mockingbird, Martinez, California, Singing away!
not sure what it was…it had white patches on the undersides of it’s wings… =D
Oak titmouse, Blue oak near Lake Isabella, 
Oak Titmouse, Walnut Creek, CA, It was feeding it’s babies
Oak Titmouse – Los Altos, CA 
Oak Titmouse gleaning dog hair that I put out in a wire mesh suet feeder for nesting birds. Aptos, just south of Santa Cruz on the coast.
Pigeon, Mission district, SF, 
Raven (Corvus corax), Oh, that was in the unicorporated area called Wofford Heights, CA 93285
raven was bringing a paper towel back to its nest atop a pine tree accross from my apartment in Hayward, Ca. There are two pine trees accross from my balcony, and the raven brought the towel to the nest in the wrong tree first. Wish I caught that on video.
Red tail hawk, flying over my house, being chased by a crow
Robin Red Breast. :) 
Rufous Hummingbird, Los Angeles, CA, My 2nd bird.  Couldn’t ID #1
Say’s phoebe, courtyard at my office, she’s protecting a nest
scrub jay, backyard, wakes me up for their peanuts!
scrub jay, sacramento ca, fewrer than 3 or 4 years ago
song sparrow 
Sparrows, Gustine, Love my yard chickens.
Sparrows, sparrows, sparrows…my little yard chickens in Gustine, California. :)
Spotted Towhee, backyard, Tarzana, CA, “trilling” loudly
Spotted Towhee, My backyard in Pasadena, 
spotted towhee at my client’s house continuously flying against the kitchen window trying to chase away their pet Moloccan Cockatoo. This bird has been doing this now for several days and I’m really concerned that… it will eventually hurt itself smacking against the glass, I may cut out a raptor silhouette out of dark construction paper and tape it on the window and see if that will discourage the bird from keeping this up.
starling cleaning debris from it’s chick’s nest in an oak outside office window
Starlings-huge flock in my neighbors tree. sigh.,
Stellar Jay here in Yosemite Valley. Always ready to play the “Camp robber” role.
Steller’s Jay, Susanville CA, building a nest on my deck
Steller’s Jay building a nest on my deck, my bird books say they nest high up in trees where the nest are hard to see, this is the second year we’ve had a nest on our deck, not high enough to be safe from cats and other predators.
Swallows they are back. Nesting on the cliffs of Santa Cruz Bay. Welcome you swit techi wings making piruets in the sky. So happy to see you. Dechen
the bird that makes a beeping sound.. not sure if sparrow or finch or…
Towhees, turkeys. Novato, CA 
tufted titmouse, on my feeder, Maryland, love these guys, so sweet looking
Two Kingbirds , Tustin, CA 
un piccione, Terni, è unsimpatico uccello
Varied Thrush, in my front yard, Welches, Oregon, their song is beutiful ;)
Western Scrub Jay, Novato, 
White Crowned Sparrow, Pacifica CA (In my back yard), 
White Crowned Sparrow, Pacifica CA (In my back yard), 
White-faced Ibis, Yolo Basin Wildlife Area, Beautiful bird.
wild parrots of orange county, santa ana, there were about 10
Wilson’s warbler. Spokane, WA.

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  • Melissa Maino

    Still my same complaint. Why won’t you ask people to say where they are….it is of 0 interest to anyone if a bird is “in my backyard” if I don’t know where that back yard is….please ask people to say the name of their town or locale so this survey is of some interest.