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July 22nd, 2011 · by Garrison Frost

At first glance, this might seem to be a quiet Firstbird survey. Not a lot of responses — probably fewer than a hundred. But when you look at the birds, there’s nothing quiet going on here at all. Lots of amazing birds throughout, and some great sightings from well beyond California, including a Kookaburra in Australia and a Rufous-collared Sparrow in Chile. Check it out! (Photo of Blue-winged Kookaburra by Adrian Pingstone)

American Crow, Martinez, 
American crow, Sacramento, 
American Crow (heard), Central Coast, CA, 
american crow in Ann Arbor, MI 
American Crows, leaving roost in Orangevale, CA, about 5:15 a.m.
American Goldfinch, Backyard Birdfeeder, El Dorado Hills, CA
Anna’s Hummingbird, Los Altos, CA 
Anna’s hummingbirds 
baby tree swallow in box, inland Mendo Co., No. Calif., 
Black Headed Grosbeak 
Black Pheobe..Western spots on the ledge of bird bath in Yankee Hill, CA
Black Phoebe, San Diego, 
Black Phoebe, Calabasas, CA, 
Black-headed Grosbeak male, Cottonwood,Ca. back yard feeder, 
black-headed grossbeak. My summer favorite.,
Blue Jay, Front yard, 
blue jay 
California quail, Mt. Hamilton, CA 
California Towhee, Aliso Viejo, 
California Towhee, Berkeley, CA, 
California towhee, Orange County, Calif. 
Carolina wren singling LOUDLY in the trees outside my back door. Rural area near Abilene, TX.
Chestnut backed chickedee telling me to get away from the bird bath and let it come down and use it.
Cooper’s Hawk 
Crow, Novato, CA, Heard it, calling, too early.
Crow, San Francisco, 
E.Bluebird female 
Eurasian Collared Dove – Kuna, Idaho 
flicker, my yard, juvenile
great blue heron , Beth bcd, DE 
Grossbeak, Julian CA, Red tailed hawk near, birds nervous
Hooded Oriole, female, Oakland Ca residential area, 
house finch, backyard, I wish
House Finches, Long Beach Ca, 
house sparrow, female 
House sparrows, the usual suspects, waiting for me to put out the seed feeder.,
House wren, Kimberley, bc, Gaurding its nest
Hummingbird – Rufous – Los Angeles, CA,
hummingbird in my Calliandra californica. 
Hummingbird tasting nectar from our Lily of the Nile flowers.,
I havent ID’d these lil guys yet…Using Field Guide…tuff one, finch size, descending soft “chee” or “tee yee” dull greenish caps… they love my swamp cooler…either they drink alot of water or their nibbling calcium deposits from our well? !! Routine continuous visits…possibly Lesser Goldfinch?
KINGBIRD – Sounded like a Cassins Kingbird. I saw him on the telephone line but couldn’t get a good id. And as usual ,lots of Crows around Tustin/Irvine.
Kookaburra. #australia 
Large Road Runner, My backyard, 
lesser goldfinch, huntington beach, ca, at a feeder in backyard
Lesser Goldfinch, San Diego backyard, Nyjer seed feeder
Like most mornings…A tie between Lesser Goldfinch and American Goldfinch on the bird feeder in our backyard.
lots of hummers, blackchin, calliope &, rufous. Hoodoo Valley, ID, hummers are back getting ready to leave
Mallards, inevitable, first thing every day because the apartment I’m in overlooks a pond full of them. Awesome birds.
Mockingbird, backyard, Bakersfield, CA, sings to us every morning!
Mockingbird – Clovis, CA 
Mockingbird – Vacaville CA. 
Mockingbird! OMG, waking us up every hour with”car alarms” !….Dancing on our phone pole @5:30 am
mom scrub jay with 2 juveniles, my backyard fence, the babies still squawking for breakfast
morning dove, La Quinta CA, sitting on telephone wires
mountain chickadee dee dee, Welches, Oregon on Mt. Hood, 
Mourning Dove, Backyard in Long Beach, CA, My cat saw it first from the window.
Mourning Dove, San Francisco, 
Nobody out there! We ran out of food. :-(,
northern mockingbird in the Lake Murray area, in San Diego.,
Oak Titmouse, Carmichael, CA, Common resident in my yard. :-)
Oak Titmouse pair, tag teaming the safflower feeder. A fluttery baby showed up once, parents sent him to better hiding. Los Gatos, CA
oak titmouse, fast @ seed grabbing then retreat to tree… repeat, so fun to watch!,
Pin-tailed Whydah, Orange, Ca, 
robin, Bellevue, NE, 
Rock Dove, flying across the street,, North Highlands, CA
rock piggeon, montecito heights, first heard a scrub jay
Rufous hummingbird in Costa Mesa, CA 
Rufous-collared sparrow, Olmue, 5 región, Central Chile, The most common chilean bird
Rufous-SIded Towhee, Boulder Creek, CA, More Towhees this year! :)
scrub jay, Sebastopol, CA, 
scrub jay, seaside, ca, 
scrub jay, sf backyard, vocalization 5am
Scrub jay 
Seagull at Caspar beach 
Seagull, unfortunately. Fortunately, I was at Mono Lake!!,
sparrows out my door, multitude, House sparrows, song sparrows and of course, the standard Big Bird, our beautiful Ravens….
spotted towhee, on my back deck in Inverness CA, 
stellar jay, windowsill, they come every morning to eat peanuts
stellers jay centeral oregon 
towee, outside dining window, also, pair of oak titmice
Western Blue Bird,, Great place to view Mtn birds !!!
Western Bluebird, Templeton, CA, 
Western Scrub Jay, Roseville, CA, 
Western Scrub Jays by nest in our hedge, Garden Grove, CA, 2 adults, and at least one persistent youngster
White Tail Kite, Rodeo, Ca., 
yellow billed magpies, Davis, CA. Hurray hurray!

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  • Tim Thompson

    Can’t wait to start rice harvest job…183 species of birds navigating the Pacific Flyway!!!! Im gonna be dizzy from me head spinning!!! Annual waterbird count 10-12 MILLION!! NICE!! :)