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August 26th, 2011 · by Garrison Frost

Great turnout for today’s firstbird survey. More than 160 sightings coming in from Facebook, this blog, and Twitter. Big thanks to everyone that took part. Great to see this amazing collection of birds from California and beyond. Lots of great stuff in here. Check it out below: (California Quail by Dave Menke/USFWS)

Acorn wdpckr, Bewick’s Wren, Hutton’s Vi, Lake Forest Nature Park, 
Acorn Woodpecker. Same as most every day here in the “wild hinterlands” of northern Sonoma County CA
Allen’s hummingbird, feeder on my back deck, Inverness
American Robin (female), Calabasas, CA, 
Annas hummingbird, my Temecula backyard feeder, fending off five much larger contenders
Anna’s Hummingbird, In fig tree outside my window., He guards the feeder very well.
Anna’s Hummingbird, Stockton, female
Anna’s Hummingbird, Orange, 
Anna’s Hummingbird, Poway, CA, Two Anna’s in a tree, sparing
Anna’s Hummingbird 
Anna’s hummingbirds at my feeders – Mariposa, CA,
Band-tailed Pigeon, my backyard in Pasadena, 
Band-tailed pigeon. 
Barn Swallow, App. 1 mile NW of Blue Lake, CA, 
Believe it or not a Black Vulture 
Bewick’s Wren & Anna’s Hummer – Lake Forest, CA,
black crows 
Black Phoebe catching flies., Villa Park, CA, 
Black Phoebe, it was getting a drink from my pool… Livermore!,
blue jay 
Blue Jay family! San Antonio, Texas 
Blue Jay in Chico, Ca. Almost always a blue jay though occasionally a mocking bird,
Blue-Gray Natcatchers, Los Angeles, in my lemon tree, Tiny birds
cactus wren. They are always very friendly. 
California quail. A covey. 
California Quails !!! Anza 
California Thrasher 
California Thrasher. 
California Towhee, Boulder Creek, CA, in a redwood tree, 
California Towhee right now :) 
Canada Geese, Richmond California, 
Canada Goose 
Chestnut backed chickadee, four, Carbnero Creek, Scotts Valley, CA,
chick-a-Dee, my yard, they make me smile
chickadees that I feed. 
chickens. Bakersfield, CA. 
Chustnut Back Chickadee, front yard while picking up the newspape, 
Chustnut Chickadee was waiting for me as I picked out the newspaper.,
Common crow, San Diego 
Common Ground Dove ~ Columbina passerina, At the tree and the bird feeder, So soft…to see and lovely, always
Common Raven, Rancho Cucamonga, CA, 
Common Ringed Plover, Davis Wetlands, it’s supposed to be in Greenland
Cooper’s Hawk, E. San Diego, 
Crow gliding down the street, Fontana, CA 
crow on my street in Granada Hills, CA 
Crow, Sebastopol, Calif. 
Crow. Portland, Oregon. 
crow. They were busy this morning. 
Crows pounding away on are roof … 
Downy Woodpecker, Garin Regional Park Hayward Ca,
Egret at Moss Landing, Ca but I live in Soquel, CA,
Feral Pigeon, Oakland, 14th & Broadway, It’s a rough neighborhood.  Poor guy.
flicker, crow, yellow finch, dove, coquitlam, BC,
green hummer 
green parrot with a big red beek! 
Heard (but did not see) a great-horned owl very early this morning.,
HEARD a Canyon Wren in my yard first thing this morning. He has been gone all spring, but apparently is back.
Heard an Anna’s Hummer and seen tons of Crows. Crows are taking over the world. LOL!
Hooded Oriole, At my Oriole feeder, A sibling and mother were there too!
Hooded Oriole, San Diego backyard canyon, 
House Finch, My backyard in Anaheim, CA, 
House Finch, Sacramento back yard, at the feeder
House finch, San Franccisco, 
House Finch and ECD… not very interesting, sorry… I did have lots of early AM Curve-Billed Thrashers last week in Arizona…
House finch. Orange County 
House Finches, Garden Grove, CA, assaulting our fig tree
House finches in so cal 
House Sparrow, Emeryville, Tree outside Audubon California office
House Sparrow 
House sparrow, Redding, CA. 
house sparrow. 
House sparrows, los angeles, ca 
House sparrows, scolding me for not putting the bird feeder out sooner.,
house wren., backyard., 
Hummer battle at the feeder this morning. 
Hummer; Anna’s, Feeder, Arcata, CA, 
hummers, Allen’s and Anna’s in Yoba Linda, So Cal.,
humming bird, crow and dove in short order. Then a red tail hawk. Tonight, there is a barn owl that hunts in my back yard.
Hummingbird, Laguna Niguel, CA, 
Hummingbird in Laguna Niguel, CA 
Hummingbird in Madera,CA. 
Hummingbird this morning-so territorial. 
Hummingbird. Cute one, too! 
Hummingbirds 3 kinds and Doves in Yuba City.,
hummingbirds, Orioles doves, Back yard feeders, Orioles stayed all summer, unusual
I think it’s too hot for them today. None:( when I was outside.-Tujunga,
Java sparrow, Kailua kona Hawaii, Last day of vacation!
Kingfisher, King Salmon CA 
lesser american goldfinch, l.a. 90065, three, eating laurel sumac seed
lesser american goldfinches in a laurel 
Lesser Goldfinch, Pasadena – back yard, 
Lesser Goldfinch singing away at my feeder. 
looked like miniature Gold Finches. Two of them just a bit bigger than Hummingbirds. Cute. With I knew birds. They were using my Bird bath.
magpie in castle rock colorado : ) 
magpie, yellowbilled, sacramento ca, 
Mallard, Outside front door, 
Mexican Chickadee, Monrovia, California, 
mocking bird …..hollister, ca 
Momma and fledgeling blue jays, Yuba City CA, They were in a Magnolia tree. Beautiful!
mountain chickadee, 95631, had a little flock while watering garden
Mourning Dove, Redlands, CA, 
Mourning Dove, Castro Valley, 
mourning dove, back yard, it seemed to be ignoring the feral cat!
Mourning dove. 
Mourning dove–in rural Texas near Abilene this morning.,
mourning doves, shelf in my garage, two adults sharing a former nest?!
mourning doves at Lake Murray in San Diego.,
My Parakeets, in there room, they sang for me…so pretty too
Newly fledged Cardinal male, backyard near bird feeder, Made me very happy to see him.
Oak Titmouse, on a sunflower, Cottonwood Ca., 
Oak Titmouse, Goleta, CA, Don’t see them often here on the coast.
Oregon Junco, Walnut Creek, CA 
Oreole, Hummer feeder in Yuba City, They stayed all summer
Parrots, Where I live, I love all kinds of birds!
peacocks in Arcadia! 
Phoebe the last 3 days in my evening garden. Every year about this time I see a Phoebe, could it be the same one? Scrub Jay this morning. San Rafael, Ca
pigeons on my balcony. Then looking up saw 29 pigeons on the roof across from me. Most of this flock was hatched on my balcony. Next a hummingbird came to my feeder.
pileated woodpeckerm, novato 
Purple finch, female & juvies, Forestville, CA, They love the feeder w sunflower bits!
Pygmy Nuthatches – a family with juvies – at the backyard feeder & fountain, Aptos CA on Monterey Bay
quail, backyard, tiburon, ca, a whole family of them, real cute
quail family and a crow watcing over them. – pretty interesting and cool for the kids to see.
Rainbow lorikeet. 
Red Bellied Woodpecker, On my suet feeder–NE Ohio, Saw both a jeuvenile and an adult
Red Bellied Woodpecker 
red headed feral parrots! east Long Beach CA,
Red tail hawk, Lafayette hills, Seen from BART
Red-shouldered hawk, who likes to hang out on my fence, hills above Whittier, CA,
Red-tailed Hawk, Highway 168, Clovis, CA, 
Red-tailed Hawk…out over the east end of Concord Naval Weapons Station near Willow Pass Road…
ringneck doves, 8 society and zebra finches, and 1 American Goldfinch. Two Rivers, Wisconsin.
robins, Elverta CA, 
Ruby-throated Hummingbird, The pond outside my office window, it was a female
Rufous Hummingbird 
Sand Piper Hanford, CA 
saw crows but heard a killdeer first, It was in the flood channel behind us, trees were in the way
Scrub Jay, Sonoma, CA, 
scrub jay and an Alan’s Hummer(first one I have seen in my yard).,
Scrub Jay in Santa Cruz, Calif. 
Scrub jay! Fresno, ca. 
Scrub jay, Santa Cruz CA 
Scrub Jays, Washington state, sorry 
Sea gull 
Sea gull 
Snowy Egret gliding into the river on a brilliant summer morning in La Mision, B.C., Mexico.
Sparrows, 37 all at once. 
Sparrows, Ravens, and hummimg birds, Mourning doves,
Spotted Towhee, Watsonville, Ca, 
stellar jay, bonny doon california, california quail #2
Steller’s Jay, South Lake Tahoe CA, 
tanagers on my hummingbird feeder…a family!! The hummingbirds don’t seem pleased, but there are 3 more feeders, and plenty of flowers.
Western bluebird, Julian CA, Swooping across my waling path to snag b
Western Gulls on the sand bar in the Salinas River at Moss Landing.,
western screech owl, Yuma, AZ. 
Western Scrub Jay, Audubon Kern River Preserve, 
western scrub jay … looking for his peanut fix. central coastal california,
Western Scrub Jay on my back porch, Daly City,
western scrub jay. they love to land in my back yard and taunt my 18lb cat, who chatters at them.
western scrub jays, El Dorado Hills, CA 
Western Scrub-Jay, Claremont, CA, Flying thru the backyard.
Yellow finches. ♥ 
Yellow Headed Blackbird Temecula, Ca 
Yellowbilled Magpie, in my front yard. Sacramento, Ca,
mockingbird! Temecula, calif

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