Results from yesterday’s Firstbird survey

September 17th, 2011 · by Garrison Frost

Our apologies for the late report, but yesterday’s Firstbird survey nonetheless produced a fantastic list of  birds from around California and beyond. More than 160 people told us about their first bird of the day, and we were impressed. The hummingbirds are still well represented in this list — great to see them in such numbers. But there are lots of other great birds here as well. Be sure to check out the entire list below (photo of Anna’s Hummingbird by Peter LaTourrette):

All I ever see are Sparrows and crows. 
allen’s hummingbird, at feeder, 
American Crow, El Segundo, CA, 
American crow, On the sidewalk., 
Anna Hummingbird, Gustine, California, 
Anna Hummingbird, Gustine, CA 
Anna’s hummer right outside my bedroom window – (every morning!!!)-Northridge,CA
Anna’s hummer, male singing, Mariposa, CA,
Anna’s hummers in my yard…..seem to be a pair,
Anna’s hummers. 
Anna’s hummingbird, Los Osos, Defending the feeder from kinfolk.
Anna’s Hummingbird, Oakland, CA, 
Anna’s Hummingbird, Backyard -Pasadena near Eaton canyon, 
anna’s hummingbird, san diego, they’re everywhere!
Anna’s Hummingbird, Sonoma, CA, out my bedroom window, feeding from abutilon blossoms
Anna’s Hummingbird (Portland, OR) 
Anna’s hummingbird, San DIego 
Bald Eagle in the foothills of Merced county,
Bewick’s Wren, My backyard in Grass Valley, CA, 
Bewick’s Wren, Goleta, CA, First heard, then saw!
Bewick’s wren in blackberry bushes, Grass Valley, CA,
Black Eyed Junco, Campbell, CA 
Black Phoebe, Garden Grove, CA, calling at first light
Black Phoebe, Rancho Cucamonga, CA, 
Black Phoebe, Audubon Kern River Preserve, 
Black Phoebe, San Diego, CA, 
Black Phoebe & Amer. Crow. Tustin, CA,
Black-capped chickadee, Arcata, 
Black-throated Gray Warbler, My garden, Woodland Hills, CA, 
Blue Jay, San Antonio, TX, 
Blue Jay,Madera,CA 
Brewers Blackbird 
CA towhee 
California towhee, Redwood City, CA, 
California Towhee, Orange County 
Canada Goose, Santa Rosa, Ca 
Cardinal, Gainesville, Florida 
Catbird & Dove. They have lived here for years in my bushes & are still afraid of me. Kingston New York
chickadee ;) 
Chipping  Sparrow, On my  back yard, fed her  meal warm.
Common Raven, ubiquitous. 
common yellowthroat – Temecula, CA 
Covey of Cal Quail, Orangevale, CA, feeding on running trail
crow, on power line, 
Crow, San Francisco, 
Crow :-( 
Crow early around 6 am 
crow making a ruckus. Santa clarita california,
Crow, Menlo Park, Ca 
Crow, Sebastopol, CA 
Crows, Calabasas, CA, 
crows first thing this morning in Rohnert Park, CA, neighborhoods.,
crows, again, sacramento ca, 
Dark Eyed Junco, Bird feeder, 
downy woodpecker. Mountain Gate, CA.,
Downy Woodpecker..pounding away at my old apple tree. Novato, CA,
eastern bluebirds, Amherst, NH, 
Eurasian Collared Dove 
First bird I saw this morning was a swainson’s toucan, but then again, I work at a zoo
first birds are usually always my BEAUTIFUL parrots! Then if i go outside it will be songbirds or crows or a visiting gull
gold finch, Ukiah CA, A towhee came to feed about 2 seconds la
gold finch hanging & eating the dried up seeds from painted daisy. Kingston NY,
goldfinch, san bernardino, eating sunflowers
Grackle, Austin, Texas, 
Great Egret, Claremont, CA., Flying over my backyard!
gris-gris,haiti north cap-haitian 
Hawk, Laguna Niguel, CA 
House Finch, Sherman Oaks, Yard, 
House finch, Flat feeder, yard, Yuba City, Waiting for me to put out seed
House Finch, SF, on the feeder
House Finch 
house sparrow 
house sparrows, in my front and back yards, no
Housefinch, Sacramento, CA 
Humming bird drinking out of my fountain,
hummingberd, at my feeder, Inverness
hummingbird, outside my kitchen window, 
Hummingbird, we call him Gigantor 
Hummingbird. Sonoma, CA 
hummingbirds, Anna’s 
I know it doesn’t really count, but a possum was on the bird feeder this morning about 6:00. It was still dark outside. It somehow got on the feeder but was having a hard time trying to get off it, swinger back and forth! After we took a picture of it, it finally found its way off and out of sight.
Just went out, filled my feeders and filled the birdbath with fresh water. Waiting on my bird friends to get back!
Kildeer, mallards, double-crested cormorants, and crows along the American River in Rancho Cordova
lesser American gold finch & towhee, Ukiah CA,
Lesser American Goldfinch, Dorloes Heights S F,
Lesser Goldfinch once again, Cupertino, Ca.,
Lesser Goldfinches, In the garden and mesquite trees., 
Magpies, doves, pigeons, along Sutter’s Landing Park bike trail ;-),
Magpies…they are incredibly beautiful. I see them everyday when I drop my son off to school.
Many do not like Bluejays. I love them. I throw out peanuts and birdseed in the morning. Often they are waiting. I have a loud whistle and when I whistle I can hear them answering me from far away and soon I have many along with some woodpeckers.
Mocking bird! Claremont, CA 
Mockingbird, Front patio, I was greeted with a melodious song
Mockingbird on the telephone pole sounding like a new bird? La Mision, BC, Mexico
Morning Dove, Escalon, CA, 
Morning dove 
morning doves.1 male american gold finch.,
Mourning Dove, Concord, CA, They were bathing, raising their wings
Mourning Dove, Vacaville, 
Mourning Dove, Santa Cruz, California, 
Mourning Dove, Tujunga, CA on the phone wire, I love birds.
mourning dove, Backyard, Vail, AZ, 
Mourning Dove here in Vacaville 
mourning dove! 
mourning dove, Sherman oaks, ca 
murder of Ravens, Borrego Springs, 
Neighbor’s noisy bantam rooster on the barn roof. Norco, CA,
Nuthatch, Feeder outside my bedroom, Love their slightly fiesty character!
Nuthatch, Hayfork, CA. They are really quite feisty characters!,
oak titmouse, on my property, neat bird
Oak Titmouse 
Oak Titmouse family, Los Gatos CA. Forgot to post before going out for this AM.
Oak Titmouse on the buckeye. 
Oak Titmouse, Oroville, CA 
Parakeets, West Hollywood, California 
Pidgeons, Garden Grove Ca., 
pigeons: (scrappy club-foot 
Plain titmouse,Crow & Anna’s humingbird, Lake Forest Nature park., 
Possum, on the bird feeder, 6:00 so it was still dark
Pygmy nuthatch, family of 3 – Forestville, CA,
Pygmy Nuthatches, tube feeder filled with sunflower chips, Aptos, south of Santa Cruz
Quail, Front Yard, El Dorado CA, Beautiful Fall morning: 07:00
Quail, Lake Havasu City, AZ. 
Red-shouldered Hawk, Atop a Pine tree in Pacifica, CA, Presently it is being mobbed by seven Am
Red-tailed Hawk! Happy Weekend Nor Cal.,
Ring-necked Pheasant, Antrim, New Hampshire, 
Ruby throated Hummingbird flying past my face in a blur.,
Rufous hummer and a stellars jay 
Saw nothing on my first trip outside today, but heard mockingbirds and cactus wrens.
Scrub Jay, Yolo County CA, Happy Bird
Scrub Jay and Belted Kingfisher! Clearlake CA,
Scrub Jay, Santa Cruz, CA ♥ 
scrub jay, Sonoma County, Ca 
Scrub Jay. Highland Park 
seagull, Fort Walton Beach, Florida, SoCal resident visiting my daughter
Selasphorus hummingbird tanking up at the feeder. They’re moving on through!,
Song Sparrow, Chino, CA 
Sparrows, song and house as well as savanah…. Annas hummingbirds…. Ravens and ofcourse my lovely pair of Mourning Doves…. Mine are always the usual suspects….Love seein’ all everyday…. Humboldt Co., Cali….
spotted towhee, backyard, 
stellar jay at 9am in portola valley, ca 
Stellars Jay, Walnut Creek, CA, Love their cheerful raspy good morning!
Turkey Vulture, Folsom, CA, 
Turkey Vulture, SF, Must be migrating . . .
Warbling Vireo and Bewick’s Wren, San Rafael CA!, Good birding all!
Western Bluebird, Sonoma, CA 
western scrub jay, backyard, West Los Angeles, very bright blue on this individual
Western Scrub-jay! 
White breasted nuthatch, Heart Bar Campground, Also red breasted sapsucker
White Breasted Nuthatch – Rancho Cordova, CA,
white breasted nuthatch Visiting Rochester, Minnesota… was a (?)….,
Wilson’s Warbler, Davis, CA, a foraging flock of 3
wonderful crow, In Turlock, crows are my favorite corvidae
woodpecker work’n on telephone pole 
Yellow Warbler, Pine Mountain Club,CA, in my trees that have yellow leaves
Yellow Warbler immature, Backyard bird bath,Cottonwood Ca., 
Yellow-billed Magpie, Flying over our Roseville, CA backyard, Mon a.m. had Wild Turkeys on our roof
Yellow-Warbler, immature, backyard birdbath,

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