Working with rice farmers to help migratory birds

September 29th, 2011 · by Garrison Frost

As you’ve probably read here before, Audubon California is committed to working with farmers and ranchers┬áto provide quality habitat for birds on working lands. The video below talks about our work in the Migratory Bird Conservation Partnership (which includes Audubon California, The Nature Conservancy, and PRBO Conservation Science) to help rice farmers improve the habitat value of their farms for the benefit of birds. Not only does the video feature Migratory Bird Program Director Rodd Kelsey, but the first farmer, Don Bransford, is a member of our board:

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  • Shelley Martin

    I just traveled down Hwy 5 and 505 this weekend and witnessed the migration firsthand. It is spectacular and there are so many birds. Thanks to these farmers!

  • Nancy Byers

    I would like to thank these farmers for being so understanding and supportive of having migratory birds on their property.

  • Nancy Byers

    I would like to thank these farmers for protecting and providing a safe environment for migratory birds on their farming land. If all farmers were this empathetic and understanding, we would all be much better off. I hope that more and more people can become aware that having migratory birds on their property is not harmful to anyone. NB