Blackbirds in flight

February 21st, 2012 · by Daniela Ogden

Want to see a lot of blackbirds? Well, look no further. Keiller Kyle, our Tricolored Blackbird conservation coordinator, was in northern Kern County recently and spotted this giant mixed flock of blackbirds – including Brewer’s, Red-winged, and Tricolored. Not long ago, a series of videos documenting the murmurations of European Starlings were a hit on the web. Keiller’s video shows that blackbirds can also put on a quite a show.

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  • Shirley Craine

    That was so wondrous….. Thank You

  • Dean Vanzant

    Great and unusual photography. It’s amazing! Talk about being in the right place . . .

  • Keiller Kyle

    I’m glad everyone liked the video! It’s very cool to see in person, hopefully everyone gets a chance. And we definitely were thinking about schooling fish at the time – from now on I’m remember they are actually photons! The estimate count was probably in the 5,000 range and this was just a small group of a much larger foraging group out of the Kern National Wildlife Refuge. They were feeding in newly growing wheat fields so they may be getting a mixture of grubs, other insects, and seeds.

  • Ginnie Gregg

    Impressive video. Thanks. I just chased away a few black bird scouts from my feeders this a.m. I only have to do that a few times a year to keep them down the hill & away from my Blue Jays, Broad Banned Pigeons, House & Yellow Finches & other cuties who already go through about 10 lbs of seed without adding the black bird crowd ~

  • francesca oh

    Nice, we are still so lucky to see all that wild nature

  • Mijanou

    Thank you so much, Keiller, this is wonderful!

  • Darlene

    If you go out to Imperial County, you can also see thousands of blackbirds doing this.

  • Mo McFadden

    Can you tell me what the birds were feeding on in the field ? You really captured a great sequence here Kieller – thanks !

  • Patricia Gracian

    It occurs to me that flocks of birds and schools of fish behave like photons…

    At times they are particles and at times they are waves…

    (ask a Physicist)

  • Susan


  • Dick Stein

    Very cool. What’s your estimate of numbers in this flock? 3-5,000?