Massive die-off of migrating birds in the Klamath grows worse

April 22nd, 2012 · by Garrison Frost

Typically, when we see thousands of dead birds scattered across a natural space, our first thought is an oil spill, something like the recent Deepwater Horizon spill in the Gulf (the second anniversary of which we recognized this week). But another kind of man-made disaster is taking place in Northern California right now, and it’s having the same kind of impact on birds. The big difference is that this is one we can stop anytime we want. In an opinion piece a couple weeks ago, Audubon California Executive Director Dan Taylor urged the Bureau of Reclamation to send more water to avert disaster. It’s time they heeded his warning.

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  • Felice Pace

    When the KBRA Water Deal was signed we were told that Klamath Project Irrigators would take care of the refuges. The KBRA Deal irrigation interests signed says in section 15.1.2.J that they will do that prior to legislation being passed.But what actually happened is eerily like what Sports Illustrated reported happened in 1959 on these same refuges:

    Promoters of legislation to authorize aspects of the Klamath Water and Dam Deal – including Dan Taylor – want you to believe federal legislation will solve this problem. But the Merkley-Thompson legislation would actually keep the refuges under the thumb of the Bureau of Reclamation and federal irrigators. Water Watch has an excellent report on this at this link:

    This is the sort of mischief one always sees when backroom deals impact public resources. Pity that Audubon California is supporting this bad deal!