Bullock’s Orioles — big time

April 30th, 2012 · by Garrison Frost

Almost exactly a month ago, we trumpeted the early arrival Bullock’s Orioles to California as part of spring migration. Well, now they’re here en masse.┬áThis colorful bird started leaving its winter grounds in southern Mexico in early March and started hitting California soon afterward. Now, we’re getting sightings of them throughout the state. People are seeing them at feeders and in the woodland habitat the birds prefer. Bullock’s Orioles breed throughout the entire Western States, so you should be able to catch sight of one if you’re looking in the right places. Just to give you sense of their movement into California, check out the eBird maps for February, March, and now so far in April. (photo by Peter LaTourrette)

Categories: Birding · Pacific Flyway · Pacific Migration · spring migration

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