The fearless Cassin’s Vireo settling in

May 10th, 2012 · by Daniela Ogden

Cassin’s Vireo are the westernmost “solitary vireo” and they are heading to back to California from their winter grounds in Mexico. The bird breeds in dry forests on mountain’s and hillsides. Its nest is cup-shaped and suspends from a hanging tree branch. The male Cassin’s Vireo will court the female by presenting his nest building stance. Nests can be made of a variety of materials: grass, feathers, hair, moss, and litter. Click here to watch a video of a nest being built.

(Photo by Peter LaTourrette)

Categories: Pacific Flyway · Pacific Migration · spring migration

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  • Cliff Hawley

    I heard several Cassin’s Vireos while birding in the lower Sierra Nevada near the town of Pike in Sierra County. It always sounds like their two part song is saying “What?” “I don’t know!”

  • Patricia Exley

    I was just wondering where in California do they come? I live in Buena Park, CA. Do they come this way?