Purple Martins are a natural mosquito repellent

May 18th, 2012 · by Daniela Ogden

It has been fun watching the Purple Martin make its way north up the Pacific Flyway from its South American winter grounds. The bird is now solidly throughout California. This deeply-hued bird is an easy one to attract to backyards and open lands during its breeding season. This bird is desirable to attract, not only because of its striking look, but because it eats mosquitoes.

In order to properly place a bird house for Purple Martins, install the box in an open space devoid of tall trees, no less than thirty feet from your home. The box should be on a pole roughly ten to twenty feet tall (depending on the size of the trees and plants nearby). White colored bird houses are the most successful at attracting Purple Martins, but any other pale color is acceptable.


(Nestling Growth GIF courtesy of  The Purple Martin Conservation Association)

(Photo by JJ Cadiz/Wikimedia Commons)

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  • joyce walker

    I never knew they eat mosquitoes. This is interesting to know. I live on an island with lots of mosquitoes. How can we attract the birds here.