An incredible story of survival

July 9th, 2012 · by Daniela Ogden

We just had to share this story from CNN about a baby Golden Eagle that survived the impossible. The eaglet was burned from head to talon in the Dump Fire that started three weeks ago and burned more than 5,500 acres south of Salt Lake City. ┬áLuckily the Golden Eagle was discovered by a researcher who had banded him. The researcher found evidence of the eagle’s parents feeding him after the fire had destroyed the rest of his habitat. From the CNN story:

“He had enough courage to jump from that nest and try to save himself anyway,” said Keller, 56, who describes himself as an amateur ornithologist. “He is a real fighter.”

The fall was about 25 feet, and the eagle probably walked back to the base of the cliff after rolling another 100 feet, said Keller.

The bird remained in the area for several days while Keller, who is authorized to band raptors, sought permission from federal and state authorities to obtain care for him.

The Golden Eagle was taken to a rehab facility where it is adding to its shrunken five pound frame and regaining the ferocity that is the species hallmark.

( Photo by Peter LaTourrette)

(Via CNN)


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