Endangered bird returns to San Joaquin Valley

July 26th, 2012 · by Garrison Frost

We’re hearing reports that the endangered Least Bell’s Vireo is making a return to the San Joaquin Valley. This is remarkable news, given that the species — named on the both the state and federal endangered species lists — has been absent from the Valley due to the loss of its river habitat. Now, with the restoration of San Joaquin River underway, officials at three wildlife refuges in the area (Merced NWR, San Joaquin NWR and San Luis NWR) report that the bird has either been seen or heard by experts. And this includes some nesting birds. For us, this is proof that the restoration of the San Joaquin River holds great promise for the birds and other wildlife of the area. Congress authorized this restoration in 2009, but we need to see it through. Take a moment to let your leaders know that you’re for the River. (photo by Peterson/USFWS)

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  • gfrost

    Well, let’s hope they’re seen again. Please keep us posted, Ed. And thanks for your good work.

  • Ed Whsler

    The Yolo Audubon Society has been monitoring the 2 pairs of Least Bell’s Vireos at the Putah Creek Sinks, Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area during 2010 and 2011. The vireos have not been detected during 2012 surveys.