Blue Grosbeaks, just sayin’

August 3rd, 2012 · by Garrison Frost

It’s always great when we go out to one of our habitat restoration sites and see something special. This morning, our team spotted a pair of Blue Grosbeaks singing at an Landowner Stewardship Program sites in Yolo County that we planted in 2006. Once a lifeless corner, the site is now lush with tall cottonwoods and willows. The birds nest low in small trees or shrubs and eat a variety of things, from insects to corn to seeds to grasshoppers.  A brilliant blue, they are a sight to be seen! (photo by Peter LaTourrette)

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  • Ed Whsler

    At Roosevelt Ranch in Yolo, we had probable nesting for Blue Grosbeak and Lazuli Bunting, but didn’t confirm nesting. Found during Yolo Audubon Society Yolo Breeding Bird Atlas. We did confirm nesting for both spp at Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area this year.