Notes from the Field: Monica

December 27th, 2012 · by Daniela Ogden

Shorebird Biologist Monica Iglecia’s success story about her work with rice farmers.

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  • Monica Iglecia

    Thank you Nadine and John for your support!

    Nadine- I think an important step could include one-on-one interactions with your community. Helping people understand how the estuary and surrounding habitats in Northern Baja can provide important habitat for migratory birds traveling all along the Pacific Flyway can help instill local pride for the larger scale process. Good luck with your impressive work!

  • John C

    Love to hear stories like this. Thank for your hard work.

  • Nadine de Jong

    Hi! I live in a farming/ranch community in northern Baja overlooking an amazing estuary. We are in the process of getting the estuary federal protection. I’ve built a website, to document the birds and serve as an educational tool to support the project. Your video was encouraging and I thought perhaps you might have some good advice for getting the farmers and locals on board! Hope to hear from you. Thanks for the work you do. Best, Nadine.