Audubon’s lead shot bill hits snag in State Senate committee

June 24th, 2010 · by Garrison Frost

Audubon California’s bill to ban the use of lead shot in state wildlife areas is still alive, but it hit a snag this Tuesday before the State Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee.  We went into Tuesday’s hearing  knowing that the vote would be close. We knew that the National Rifle Association and related groups were lobbying hard to kill the bill, and that meant that getting any Republican votes was going to be tough. Thankfully, we’ve been able to rely on Democratic votes thus far, but this left us with very little margin for error.

As it turned out, one Democratic Senator wasn’t able to be at the hearing this week, and another abstained at the last minute. This left the vote unresolved, and the bill is expected to be taken up again this coming Tuesday under reconsideration. We’re optimistic that the bill will move on, but all of this shows that we’re up against tough opposition and we can’t afford to take our foot off the gas. We know that this is an important protection for birds and other wildlife and we won’t let up.

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  • Anthony Canales

    Given that hard scientific evidence was presented to the Fish & Game Commission that a ban on lead ammunition (AB 821, Nava) has not resulted in any decrease of condor blood lead levels in 2008 and 2009, and that evidence will be presented at the Capitol during the upcoming weeks, it most likely will be an interesting campaign.


    Anthony Canales

  • Ore

    I don’t think, Jean, that the fight is about hunting per se, but about what kind of shot to allow. Lead is killing our condors, who eat animals that have been shot. The same amount of hunting, but with non-toxic ammunition, would spare our condors!

  • Jean Ramirez

    The NRA states something like it’s necessary to kill a certain amount of animals for the sake of the rest and call is conservation. My husband is a member of the NRA and I have never agreed to this lunacy. I believe that we are all one on this earth and it’s up to humans to protect all animal species by any means possible. They have equal rights to live on this planet as we. Where would we as human species be if all animals were wiped off earth and just humans lived here? Not very pretty. Keep up the fight .