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February 25th, 2011 · by Garrison Frost

Wow, that was our best turnout ever. More than 200 individual reponses. And that was despite the huge rainstorms in some parts of the state early this morning. We have well over 50 different species, and some great birds overall. Lots of goldfinches in the list today, as well as Crow, Black Phoebe, Dark-eyed Junco, Mourning Dove and woodpeckers (including two Pileated Woodpeckers). In all a great list and a great view of birds throughout the state. Big thanks to everyone that took part. Check out the entire list below.

African Grey, my living room,
Allen’s hummingbird in my pepper tree. Saw the shadow of another one also.,
American and Lesser Gold Finches…. on feeder in my back yard. About 50 of them.
American Coot, Ventura Harbour, It was raining
American Crow, Thousand Oaks,
American Crow, Los Angeles, CA, Wish I’d seen my Black Phoebe!
American Crow, Los Angeles, CA.,
American goldfinch, fee,
American goldfinch, Ojai,
American Goldfinch at my feeder. I’m not in CA I just wanted to play along, so don’t count me if that will mess up numbers.
American Goldfinch at the feeder, West Sacramento, CA, It’s raining and windy this morning.
American Goldfinch, a dozen + 
American Goldfinches, backyard–Sonoma, Ca, they love those thistle seeds
American Robin, Fawnskin, CA Big Bear Lake, 28F waiting for cat food in feeders
American Robin 
annas hummingbird, at my feeder in fremont, ca,
Anna’s Hummingbird, Ione,
Anna’s Hummingbird, Summerland,
Anna’s Hummingbird, Tree next door,
Anna’s Hummingbird, Livermore, CA,
Anna’s Hummingbird. 
Anna’s Hummingbird. San Fernando Valley, CA,
anna’s hummingbirds, backyard waterfall,
Band-tailed pigeon, Castro Valley,
Bewick’s wren, Atop a yucca tree in back yard, He was singing his heart out.
Bewick’s Wren at first light in Pasadena,
Black Phoebe, Santee, CA, Heard it before I even opened the door.
Black Phoebe, on a leafless willow in our yard, her mate was on our roof calling
Black Phoebe, Oakland, CA, residential area, raining hard but the birds are there
black phoebe, neighbors front yard, my favorite bird
Black Phoebe, Eagle Rock – Los Angeles,
Black Phoebe, San Francisco, CA,
Black Phoebe, back yard, Calabasas CA, It appeared during a break in the rain.
Black Phoebe. I heard it before I even opened the door.,
Black-chinned hummer, my backyard, barely dawn, looked in my window
Black-chinned hummer. A regular at my hummer feeder and w/ some wicked winds and rain out there!
Blue Jay, Louisiana 
Brewer’s Blackbird, Audubon Kern River Preserve, European Starling too.
Brewer’s Blackbird, Telephone line, back yard, Wednesday’s bird was a ring-necked dove.
Brewer’s Blackbird 
Brown Creeper on a redwood just outside the living room window. In Aptos, on the coast south of Santa Cruz.
brown one and two black ones. north coast,
bushtit, Irvine, CA in backyard,
California Quail, Arcata, CA,
California Tohee, Backyard, Los Angeles,
Canada Goose flying overhead to our neighborhood pond in Pasadena.,
Canadian Geese, Santa Clara, California,
Cardinal-male, At my snowy feeder,
Cedar Waxwing, East Bakersfield, 93305,
Cedar Waxwing, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA,
Chestnut-backed Chickadee, Woodacre, CA,
chickadee Auburn, Ca 
Common Raven, Mendocino County, CA,
Common Yellowthroat~California, east county,
Cooper’s Hawk patiently sitting next to the feeders, Yorba Linda So Cal,
Cooper’s Hawk, adult, Backyard, Petaluma CA,
Costa’s Hummingbird, Coachella Valley Preserve, Thousand Palm,
crow, Fountain Valley, CA, I often see seagulls first thing!
crow, Fountain Valley, CA, I often see seagulls first thing!
crow, Encinitas,CA, Many of them flying around a school yard
Crow cawcawcawww 
crow flying through this stormy weather. (San Ramon, CA),
crow in a sycamore tree. Ojai, CA 
crow. Hollister, CA. 
Crows (2 adults / 1 juvenile) eating peanuts I left out on the patio.,
Crows in Maryland. 
crows were my first sighting, before the sun was coming up. They were heard more than seen…. Kinda like Eddie Munster…- in Anaheim
crows, always crows 
Crows. Palo Alto 
Cyanistes caeruleus, Norway, Averoy
Dark eyed junco, Ukiah, CA (backyward), gold finches and sparrows joined
Dark eyed junco in Ukiah (No. Calif) – in the snow!,
Dark- eyed Junco, adult, Canadian, home Birdfeeder San Rafael, Ca, 5 of them and 5 red House Finches
Dark-eyed Junco, Sacramento, CA,
Dark-eyed junco, Palos Verdes, CA, foraging for seeds on patio
Dark-eyed junco (Oregon), Feeding on the ground in backyard.,
Dark-eyed junco…Eastern Madera County foothills,
dove. Redding, CA 
Eastern Bluebird. Louisiana. 
Eurasian colared dove. Ventura CA.,
European Starling, El Segundo, CA,
finch, beverly hills, lots of singing
finch. No colors yet. Looking in my kitchen window… seems a little annoyed there has been no seed in the feeder for a few days.
Flock of robins, backyard – Tarzana, CA,
Gold Crowned sparrow, neighbors yard, Looked like a juvenile
Gold Finch 
Goldfinch, backyard feeder,
goldfinch, at the feeder,
Goldfinch, Roseville, CA, They rosted on our rolled up sun shade
goldfinch, nyjer feeder,
Hawk (probably red-tail) having a rodent breakfast sitting on top of a light pole by the freeway in Fresno.
House Finch, Trees outside of work, Singing in the rain!
House Finch, Granada Hills, CA, A male and a female
House Finch, Alpine, CA,
House finch, On nyjer seed feeder in backyard, suburban L.A. County
House Finch, At my backyard feeder.,
House finch, Chula Vista California, Love the striking red head.
house finch, Kuna, ID, A female Merlin frequents the area
House finch 
house finches fighting for position around the feeder in Tujunga, ca.,
house finches! San Francisco, CA 
House finches, Northern Colorado.,
House Wren, Garden Grove, CA,
Housefinch, Backyard Feeder, Alway there
Hummingbird & her two babies, Lomita, CA.,
jay, sparrow, redtail or redshoulder, blue lake (humboldt county) CA, also a BRAND new calf!
Junco, Novato, CA, there were several
Junco, Crescent City, CA,
Junco braving the heavy snow to get to the feeder!,
Lesser and American Gold Finches, on feeders in my back yard, Beautiful about 50 of them
lesser goldfinch, backyard feeder, northern CA
Lesser Goldfinch, 95961, backyard,
Lesser Goldfinch, CSUN – San Fernando Valley,
Lesser Goldfinch 
Lesser Goldfinch 
Lesser Goldfinch saying “tee-oo” in chilly Apple Valley, CA.,
Lesser Goldfinches, Chico, CA, I lost count @ 20
lincoln’s sparrow 
little brown bird. 
Male Cardinal, At feeder, Lots of activity at the feeder this AM
Male Mallard, Culver City, CA, in our condo complex lake
Mallard in flight. So rainy and windy, not many birds out today.,
Mallard, Lake Murray, La Mesa 
Mergansers and more Mergansers, Cache Creek, N. Ca.,
Mockingbird, Boyle Heights garden
mockingbird in my bougainvillea bush, Los Angeles.,
mockingbird woke me up at 3:02 AM this morning. Didn’t see him but he was right outside the window. Fort Myers FL
Mockingbird Yuba City 
Mountain Chickadee, Mammoth Lakes, CA, Snowing heavily!
Mourning  Dove, On my upstairs balcony, I live a few doors up from the beach
Mourning Dove, In my back garden, San Luis Obispo,
Mourning Dove, On the ground by our feeder, I’ve had 2 pair now for about 2 weeks.
Mourning Dove (3), North Hollywood,
Mourning Dove, pair, Nestled under the feeders in my backyard,
Mourning Doves, Woodland Hills, CA,
NOMO as soon as I opened the door. First bird I saw was a European Starling. LAX area of So Cal.
northern flicker 
Northern Flicker 
Oak Titmouse, Walnut Creek, CA, Such a big voice for such a little bird!
Oregon Junco, Thousand Oaks CA,
Oregon junco, Eureka Calif.,
oregon junco, Tujunga 
oregon juncos, my back yard, house finches, lesser goldfinches too
Pileated woodpecker, On the suet feeder in our yard, Cuba MO,
Pileated woodpecker, dove and cardinal at bird feeder.,
Quail-In my backyard in Murrieta, CA,
Raven, Pine tree outside my windwo., Very brave to show up in this storm.
Raven, Alamo Lake Az 
Red Breasted Nuthatch, Feeder in Mt. Pinos,
red tailed hawk, sacramento ca, in tree on vacant lot in suburban area
red tailed hawk 
Redtail. :) OK I didn’t see him, just heard that glorious cry. Marin County.,
Ringed Tailed Hawk in San Bernardino,
Rock Dove, Walnut Creek, CA, This one was brindled lt. brown /white
Rock dove, mocking birds, On my roof, Nope
Rock Pidgeon, Monterey, CA,
Rosy Finch, Backyard olive tree, Murrieta, Ca
Ruby Throated Hummingbird 
rufous-sided towhee, backyard guerneville ca., big storm coming. only 1 bird in garden
Rufous-sided Towhee 
scrub jay, atascadero, ca,
scrub jay in atascadero 
Scrub jay in Long Beach. 
scrub jay, in Northern Ca. Valley, (Oroville Ca.),
Scrub jay. Napa, CA. 
Seagulls, Novato, CA, flying high above the storm
Song Sparrow, Dana Point, 7am
Song Sparrow in San Diego 
Song Sparrow, at 7am in Dana Point,
Steller Jay, On my deck rail, He is camera shy
Steller’s Jay, Carnation, WA, He woke me screeching for their peanuts
towhee foraging in the rain. 
Turkey Vulture, Fort Smith Arkansas,
UDEJ, Foothills eatern Madera County, working the ground under feeder
varied thrush, Westhaven, CA, on platform feeder in my yard
Varied thrush, Arcata Ca,
vultures, Santa clarita , ca,
Western Gull, Emeryville, Lots of them hovering around
Western Gulls spiraling over Cabrillo Beach. Think they’re settiling in for the rainy day. San Pedro, Ca
Western Scrub-jay, La Habra Heights, CA,
Western Scrub-Jay, Thousand Oaks, CA, parking lot at work (NPS SMMNRA)
Western Scrub-Jay flying across the road in Claremont, CA…almost hit it!,
white crown sparrow 
white crowned sparrow, Santa Monica, in bamboo in our habitat
White crowned sparrow, they’re always the ones up before sunrise! We’re in East County San Diego and hoping the Lawrence goldfinches will visit soon :-)
White Crowned Sparrow. San Fernando Valley, CA,
White Crowned Sparrows, Front yard, Heavy Rain
White Tailed Kite, Rodeo,,
White Tailed Kites, Rodeo, Ca., I see them every morning
Wilson’s Warbler, my backyard, Oceanside, California,
woodpecker. don’t know which kind.,
yellow-rumped warbler was sitting in the top of my tree chirping his little heart out

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    I’m counted in there twice. I commented on my FB page, then went onto the Audubon site and logged in my American Crow there too. I have to remember just to enter my bird on the Audubon site. Next Friday!

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    Great Count…. WOW!