Tell us about your first bird of the day

April 22nd, 2011 · by Garrison Frost

We do it every Friday, and it’s fun. When you look outside for the first time today, just make note of the first bird you see. Then come back here and tell us what it was. You can use this link, or just post a comment below. We’ll take responses until around noon, then bring back a full list later in the afternoon. We typically get responses from all over California and beyond. And the lists are amazing. Have fun. (photo of Red-tailed Hawk by George Gentry/USFWS)

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  • Nancy

    My first bird (s) of Wednesday morning 04.27.11 , much to my delight ,was a male and female black head grosbeak. Tustin, CA

  • Birderloo

    Very great idea. I love the weekly stats. I’m in for next week. This is a weekly habit I can get into. Thanks for doing this! Birderloo

  • Deb

    House Sparrows in my yard and Rock Doves on the telephone pole and phone wires across the street in Santa Cruz, CA.

  • Nancy

    Male Hooded Oriole perch at the top of a palm tree in Lake Forest, CA