Tell us about your first bird of the day

July 29th, 2011 · by Garrison Frost

Every Friday we ask folks from around California and beyond to tell us about the first bird they saw. We want to add yours to the list. Use this link, or just post a comment below. Later in the day, we’ll add up all the sightings and report back a terrific snapshot of what people are seeing out there. Haven’t seen a bird yet? Well go outside and look right now. They’re not hard to find. Have fun! (photo of a Brewer’s Blackbird by Dave Menke/USFWS)

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  • Betsy

    First bird of the day: titmouse, discovering the new feeder that’s filled with sunflower bits. The chestnut-backed chickadees have been all over it.
    (Forestville, CA) OK, it’s Saturday. Let’s do this every day.

  • Jenifer

    Parrots! Loud squawking parrots – about 30 hanging out on the electric wires. Green with a patch of red above the beek. They’re very active right now in the morning and evenings.

  • Nancy

    Walking at break this morning i looked up in the sky and saw 2 soaring birds but i couldn’t id them. At first i thought they looked like turkey vultures but also might of been somekind of hawks. It was overcast at the time. Lake Forest – CA

  • Darlene

    Rock pigeons at Chollas Lake Park in San Diego. My friend was feeding them.

  • Nancy

    MEGA CROWS from Tustin to Lake Forest. (: