Two more Golden Eagles found dead at Tahachapi wind farm

February 16th, 2012 · by Garrison Frost

The Los Angeles Times reports today that two more Golden Eagles have been found dead at the Pine Tree wind development in the Tehachapi Mountains, bringing the total number of eagles found there to eight. Given that it is illegal to kill Golden Eagles, this could present a profound legal problem for the operators of the wind farm, but it also calls to attention the need to better site these projects to avoid conflicts with protected species. (photo by Peter LaTourrette)

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  • chips

    Wind Turbines DO NOT PRODUCE any real power. They simply substitute for it very occassionally. They CONTRIBUTE, as in ADD TO, the carbon footprint of our energy sources rather than reduce it. Any time a wind turbine, aka WECS, is operating it must be backed up by another conventional source which is running to insure that there is no interruption in electrical power. What you hear related to WECS and power is their CAPACITY which is exactly like your car’s speedometer limits. How often do you drive your car at the maximum speed indicated by the speedometer ?? The ENTIRE wind contribution to the national grid last year was barely 3% and it cost taxpayers over $5 BILLION, in subsidies alone, to the developers. All we are doing by entertaining this ruse is making the developers and investors RICH at the expense of the environment and wildlife. A very heinous crime to put it mildly. Go see the films They’re Not Green by Nettie Pena` AND Windfall, by Laura Israel to get an idea of the REAL story.

  • Terri Middlemiss

    So….. when do the lawsuits begin??!
    8 Golden Eagles. I choose to be skeptical and think there may be more, unreported. Besides, 8 is already too many. When do we rise up and protest with lawsuits? Are mitigating factors such as shutting down offending turbines being put in place? I’m part of an Audubon chapter that foresaw this kind of mortality and sued to stop this project. Eagles are just the tip of the larger mass of dead birds and bats.
    These losses are just plain unacceptable.

  • Tom Stacy

    Luckily, the United States considers humans to be a protected species.

    So isn’t the sacrifice of a few eagles necessary to protect the interests of the many – because wind turbines will stop the entire planet from becoming catastrophically hot?

    Similarly, are Audubon’s member demographics such that you are willing to sacrifice the membership of global warming skeptics in order to prevent the sacrifice of your global warming alarmist members?